Mascot Advertisements are Bound To Make An Impact On Your Business


Do you have a great product or service you want to advertise? Are you having trouble figuring out what is the best method of reaching people and making them want what you are promoting?

To make people thirst for what you are offering them is the hallmark of great advertising.  Organizations which have been highly successful over the decades are in a constant state of promoting their products and services.

Companies use a variety of strategies to advertise their brands.  One of the most outstanding advertising campaigns over the decades has been run by an icon of the food business: McDonald’s.  McDonald’s remains the leading fast-food hamburger business. The fast food restaurant is in operating throughout the world, serving over 60 million people.  The key to its initial success was its commercial ad campaigns using a clown mascot.

Great Commercial Ad # 1: Ronald McDonald’s

McDonald’s introduced the clown in 1967 to appeal to children. The site of the clown on television and billboards attracted entire families by the thousands.

In earlier times, the clown settled in the restaurant and engaged children. However, today, most McDonald’s restaurants have a statue of the iconic clown.  Nevertheless, with a menu which includes a variety of fast food products, McDonald’s is still frequented by millions all over the world.

At the present, McDonald’s advertisements consist of commercials displaying popular burger types and breakfast products such as the Egg Mc muffin, Sausage biscuits, and coffee.

McDonald’s ads are not the only ads that helped shape my childhood.  Burgin is the next iconic fast food burger restaurants.

Great Commercial Ad # 2: The Burger King

The Burger King character, introduced more aggressively in 2010, is a more creepy character. Compared to the loving and caring character of McDonald’s clown mascot, the Burger King character is somewhat mischievous. The Burger King character appears to get into trouble attempting to promote the Whopper and other food products.

Nevertheless, the Burger King character is as intriguing as the McDonald’s clown character.  Both are people representing fast food chains. Both appeal to families and children.

These forms of advertising using characters appear to be highly effective. What McDonald’s and Burger King teachers us is that fun characters can connect better with children and children can connect more effectively with their parents.  The outcome is obvious: success.

You may not be able to afford character advertisements using television commercials and giant billboard when you are just starting out. You must adapt your marketing to fit your budget. News Papers, the internet, social media, including YouTube, Facebook, and Pen interest will due until you can hang with the big boys.


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