4 Principles for Developing Super Confidence Besides Courage

Super confidence is having a sense of being unstoppable in whatever challenges you may encounter, whether at home, work or school. Such confidence enables an individual to be highly successful in the pursuit of his dreams. A super confident individual is optimistic in the face of setbacks and delays, knowing that eventually he or she will succeed.

In order to acquire super confidence, an individual must activate several qualities within himself. Without these qualities, an individual will most likely go through life with a sense of fear, lack, and limitation. He or she may succeed in some things, but only with agonizing effort. However, if a person can consistently apply the following principals, her dream will eventually be realized. Millions who have achieved a significant gain in this life, have been possessors of these principles.

Embracing Purpose

A purpose is everything. Without a clear purpose in life, an individual will only drift from one stage of life to the next. He will be vulnerable to the strength of the wind, with the threat of being blown into every hole and crack.

If people are not in control of life, life will be in control of them. When life is in control, it can take you into places that can destroy your honor, reputation and eventually, your life. However, when people take control of life, including making their own decisions, their confidence increases in leaps and bounds.

Possibility Mentality

Possibility thinking is believing all things are possible by adopting a possibility mentality. Great men and women in history have been extraordinary possibility thinkers. Elbert Ernestine, Thomas Edison, and the Wright Brothers possessed a mind that believed all things are possible. Their work and inventions verify this fact.

Possibility thinkers place no limits on an idea. They keep working and working on it until it becomes a reality. Their confidence is unbreakable when things seemingly fall apart. Their diligence against hopelessness transforms not only their lives but also the lives of thousand, if not millions.

But those who doubt their ability to succeed engage in countless hours of negative thinking. Whenever a problem or opportunity presents itself, negative thinkers run away in coward-ness and fear. Positive people soon take over their ideas and produce something great and lasting for decades to com

Embracing Charisma

People are drawn to those who possess super confidence. It appears that they have the world in their hands. Wherever they go, doors open for them. They are people who love to engage others and love it. They can communicate with all types of people, rubbing elbows with a number of cultures as well as sharing ideas with them.

One of the most intriguing things in life is that people love to be around those who can make them feel inspired and cheerful. And because charismatic people experience so much joy in reaching out to others, their confidence increase into the outer limits.

Harnessing Perseverance

Perseverance is another quality of the super confident. People who persevere in their dreams are seldom disappointed when the going get rough. Without the ability to push through hardship, an individual will not succeed in anything highly significant. Many things in life require perseverance, including going to school, finding a job, keeping a marriage strong and raising children.

Such responsibilities can become overwhelming and force us to give up in life. However, a persevering individual can see through challenges and difficulties. Instead of seeing problems, he sees opportunities. If he falls a thousand times, he has the boldness to get back up and start all over again. The more he succeeds in this way, the more his confidence grows in leaps and bounds.

Waking a Super Confidence: A Priceless Lifestyle

Applying the above principles will greatly enhance your quality of confidence. However, the principles will only increase your confidence if you make the application of them a lifestyle. The more you use them in  your home,  workplace, and community, the more you will feel a sense of security, well-being and optimism.

When your Super confidence develops, it will be priceless.The world will unfold before you. You will begin to affect all people within the range of your being. People will seek your advice and friendship. They will invite you to special occasions and many other events in order to speak for them. Therefore, we must make confidence one of the most important factors not only in our lives but within the lives of our children as well.