Why Dynamic Organizations Use the Cloud?


The Cloud is a sophisticated information management and sharing infrastructure. An individual can use any device; including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, to access information, computer applications, and networks at anytime and anyplace on earth. When it comes to information retrieval and sharing, The Cloud will be the hallmark of your success.

cloud computing

Cloud-oriented companies enjoy the advantage of not having to worry about the various things that can go wrong in a technologically driven environment.  For example, companies no long have to worry about computer crashes, cyber thefts, and loss of vital information due to fires or natural disasters.  All of an organization’s r resources will be safe and secure in the cloud.


Organizations use the cloud to enhance business processes, improve quality and delegate the management of information systems, networks, hardware, and software applications. The cloud creates massive connectivity and reduces the cost of operating a business.


The greatest thing about cloud computing is that you can access the system anytime you need to perform an operation or share vital information across networks. You can do this from any location.

You no longer have to sit out your computer 6 to 7 hours a day to get things done. You can access your documents or applications for anywhere in the world.

Choosing a Cloud Model that is Right for You

An organization can gain access to Cloud services by applying for a license for whatever resources it needs. The 3 types of cloud services include infrastructure service, software services, or network services.’

Platform Model

According to Paige Baltzan, an executive adviser at Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, the Cloud platform model allows you to operate an entire system on the cloud.  Your organization can manipulate information, applications, hardware, networks and servers on a pay per use basis. The result is cost effectiveness.  Use the platform and pay for only what your organization needs.

Software Model

The Cloud software model allows an organization to purchase the type of software needed to process effectively the various operations dealing with software. Companies no longer have to install and implement the software themselves. The software is already integrated into the cloud.  All management has to do is purchase this software at an affordable price and use it on a pay per use basis.

Infrastructure Model

The Cloud infrastructure model offers hardware networking operations on a pay per use basis. Organizations can access servers, networks, and storage over the cloud.  Companies who need to research projects or manage massive amounts of information at peak times will greatly benefit from this type of cloud service.

The Efficiency of The Cloud

For an organization, the Cloud enables accelerated growth, greater innovation, enhanced connections and more effective processes.  The Cloud can be accessed on demand. Whenever there is a need to research and share information, or collaborate on significant ideas, the Cloud is the answer.











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