How Photography Sparks My Creativity


If you are a creative person, sometimes you cannot escape an uninspired mentality.  You don’t know what it is, but your performance sucks.  I am an avid writer, I can surely account for many despairing attempts to write, but find myself staring at a blank page.

However, my resolution for such times is losing myself in the art of photography. Grabbing my camera and going out to take pictures is an adventure that gets my creative juices flowing. What pictures I take depends on of the season. I love summer. The three most common pictures I take includes:


Whenever I go to a park or a flower garden, I look for butterflies. I like shooting the Monarch or the Black Swallowtail butterfly.  The colors on these insects just stir up my sense of beauty. I can chase them around the park all day long.

Butterfly yellow wings

Calm Lakes

I also like to take my camera and reside by a lake where the waters are completely calm. I like to take the landscapes.  A combination of sky, water, and land puts me in a meditative mood that sparks my creativity. I can think of all types of creative ideas for my writings when my mind and heart is free of worry and care.

Smooth embrace

Beautiful Birds

Birds always represented a sense of freedom to me.  The ability to fly away from it all is a gift of nature that human beings can only duplicate via technology and machines. Also, birds don’t have to worry about its engine failing or its interface going berserk.

I like to shoot birds in flight or just when they are ready to take off. Black birds, red birds, blue birds, yellow birds or a combination of these colors are beautifying to see.  And if I am lucky, I might see a hawk or eagle flying way up in the sky.

Once I am done with my photography adventure, I am all pumped up with creativity. I am ready to write about my experiences.  Before long, I am writing again, and one idea leads to another and ideas flow without reservation.


You may be stuck for lack of creativity in you niche. If so, find some hobby or recreational outlet in which to lose yourself.  Your inspiration and creativity might come by just walking by the lake or going fishing for the fun of it.

The bottom line is you just have to step away from it all at times.  If you stay there struggling, you could be wasting precious time and losing new and fresh ideas.




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