The Secret Behind Maximum Achievement in Business


Maximum achievement in business means the master of every aspect of your niche product, service and operation.  Nothing is left to speculation.  You know your business inside and out, including the ups and downs of the industry.  Reaching maximum achievement in both knowledge and performance in your passion will most likely accelerate you toward greatness.

Regardless of your niche type, you have the opportunity to reach the top if you are determined enough to give your entire mind, heart and strength to it.

But reaching maximum achievement in any niche requires the application of 8 magnificent principles, regardless if you are a man or woman.  These qualities or principles were recommended by Yogi Bhajan, a yogi, spiritual teacher, and entrepreneur, who introduced Kundalini Yoga to the United States.  The practice of his eight principles paves the way to excellence in whatever you endeavor you pursue.


8 Progressive Principles to Maximum Achievement


Going into business without a vision is a recipe for failure.  People without a vision will not know what to do when adversity strikes their niche.  They will not have a plan B. Instead, they will give up on their goals and dreams because they cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But vision gives purpose and direction when the waves of hardship come pushing and shoving. Therefore, make sure you have a plan A and B for maximum achievement.  If you do not have goals and objectives, your performance and productivity will only lead to mediocrity.


You cannot attack the fears and doubts which will attempt to hold you back if you refuse to embrace the spirit of courage.  No one ever achieved anything significant without going against feelings of anxiety and intimidation.

All of us have and will face doubt and fear whenever we attempt something new. Opening a new business, getting married and jumping out of an airplane to fulfill a bucket list are all opportunities to practice courage and win.


Along the journey toward maximum achievement, you will feel like giving up.  Setbacks and bad breaks in business will make you feel like your work is in vain. But people with pure grit don’t give up. They push their way through the downtimes in their business.

Therefore, keep moving forward despite how you feel. Sooner or later the light at the end of the tunnel will appear. Your annual revenue will increase, and your customer base will grow.


Arrogance is not a principle of maximum achievement in any endeavor.  An uppity individual will not be humble enough to listen to the advice of others.  He or she will always delight in doing a project or running a program their way.

But reaching greatness requires an individual to be open to the ideas of others in every aspect of a company or organization.


Complete knowledge of your business is the key to maximum achievement.  You must be passionate about knowing everything there is to know about your niche.  Your understanding of the industry, the operations, and processes of your business, as well as the needs and wants of your customers, is the hallmark of business mastery.


You must master every aspect of your industry and its infrastructure to have an opportunity to reach the maximum achievement. You must be wiser than all your competitors on every level.


Are you quick to lose hope and purpose in life? Practicing a ritual of prayer or meditation early in the morning will go a long way in providing inspiration to continue on the journey  throughout your daily projects and tasks. Routine meditation or prayer will empower you to do more than you could normally do in your strength.


Without a little grace occurring along the journey, we will mostly likely miss the mark.  As we work toward our goals and dreams, little things happen along the way to help us through our doubts and difficulties.  Sometimes this grace appears as a person with certain gifts and talents that can support our vision. Other times this grace may appear as money or revenue from investors or foundations that help fund our endeavor.


Keep going forward into the storm. This resolve is your only hope for reaching the maximum achievement.  Develop an unstoppable mentality.   Nothing can stop an individual who has determined that come hell or high waters, he or she will never give up.

People who become great in any arena will refuse to give up when the going got rough.  The more adversity that comes their way makes them more determined in the pursuit of their vision to become the greatest in what they do.

The Bottom Line

When you become the greatest at what you love to do, you have reached maximum achievement in that niche or industry. Your success has reached a state of excellence.  No one can say that they are greater than you in the same game.  You have an absolute handle on the best practices, and you are well aware of the latest trends and changes in the industry. Possessing such knowledge of the state of things is the hallmark of maximum achievement.




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