What We Would Do if Facebook Shuts Down?


The idea of Face book shutting down is unthinkable, but it could happen.  Cyberattacks, radical governmental regulations, or internal corruption could play an instrumental role in shutting down the most popular social media outlet on the planet.

Facebook was founded 14 years ago, February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg and associates. Since then the social media platform has become the most popular channel for sharing ideas, events, photos and videos of every nature.  Its memberships include 1.65 billion constant users.

What would happen to all these avid users if Facebook was suddenly no longer available? I think that we can all agree that such event would be catastrophic.

Our Connections

First of all, our connections would be snatched away: our connections with friends, family, and other important attachments.

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Facebook allows us to stay in constant contact with our personal friends.  We can inspire, motivate and share ideas and information on a regular basis.  Some of us can spend an entire day on Facebook sharing some of the most shocking things, including prank videos, birthday parties and wild vacations.  I know I have spent my share of time on this magnificent beast.

Facebook Friends

We learn can so much from our Facebook friends.  Many of the events that occur in their lives entertain, inform and teach us things we didn’t know.  For example, I didn’t know about the many uses of vinegar until a Facebook friend demonstrated this in a shared video.  I didn’t know that there was so much delicious food around the world until I learned this from a traveling Facebook friend.


Facebook is the ideal communication channel to stay in contact with our blood families. We can know what is going on in their lives 24/7. We can see interesting photos and videos of our family moment by moment. Having this benefit is a good thing because many of us are unable to visit our families across the country due to obligations and financial struggles.

We can also be informed of any emergency that may occur in the lives of our loved ones.  That’s the value of Facebook.

Loss of Significant Things

Personal loss

The emotional loss that can result in a Facebook shutdown will be overwhelming. Boredom due to the loss of connections will play a major factor in our lives. Some of us just wouldn’t know what to do or how to get through our daily lives.

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We may even attempt to embrace Twitter, but it wouldn’t be the same due to the limitation of information that can be shared on the Twitter platform.

Economic loss

Moreover, the sudden shutdowns of Facebook will result in a major financial loss as well, not only for Facebook the enterprise but also for millions of people who profit financially from Facebook.  Advertisers, businesses, and publishers will suffer. They will no longer have the ability to make money from customers.

For example, I would no longer be able to run ad campaigns to promote my books or my website, an opportunity that has been profitable for me.  Imagine the financial loss it would be for people who make thousands of dollars from Facebook each month.

A possible Pros of a Facebook Shutdown

Return to Reading Books

A good thing that could result in the shutdown of Facebook is that people will begin to read more books again. The ability to share tons of information and entertainment on Facebook has had a negative effect on book reading.

Because of the influence of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, millions of people no longer avidly read as they did in the past.  Maybe bookstores will become relevant again.

Face to Face Communication

Also, since social media platforms keep people so occupied with their smartphones, laptops, and computers, face to face communication in regards to meeting people is on the down low.  People just don’t take the time to greet or meet new people that much anymore.

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At any given time of the day, you can look around you on a crowded street and see 80% of people occupied with smartphones. Many times we are taking pictures and sending them to Facebook or Twitter to our connections.  Therefore, we miss out on new opportunities to meet new people and discover wonderful friends.

The Likelihood of the Nightmare

The shutdown of Facebook may be a long shot, but such an event could become a reality due to all the uncertainty occurring around the globe.  Terrorism, natural disasters, and government takeovers are all possible scenarios that may pose a threat to a Facebook shut down.  You and I could wake up in the morning with access to Facebook, our baby.

We must be prepared for such a possibility. Nothing is certain.  What are you going to do when this occurs?

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