5 Signs that Say You are Ready for Marriage


The time appears to be right. You expect him to ask your hand in marriage at any time. You have been dating for over two years. Both of you are aware of each other’s faults and know exactly how to deal with them.  He has already said he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.  However, you feel that you are ready, but you are just not 100% sure if it’s the right time.

Getting marriage is one of the most significant decisions you can make.  If you choose the right partner, you can spend your years enjoying the bliss of oneness.  But if you select the wrong partner, you may experience years of struggle and abuse.

There is no absolute way you can tell that the time is right for marriage, but there are obvious signs that tell couples that the time is right.  If these signs are sound and the moment of proposal comes, you must not waste time out of uncertainty or fear.  If you do, you could let the best thing that ever happened to you, pass by.


5  Readiness Signs

Sign # 1 Your man appreciates you.  He cares about your needs.  If a man doesn’t care about your needs, then you must reconsider who you are dating.  You need to know that he cares about everything, from how you feel at any given moment to how much stress you have been receiving at the job.  He always considers your needs before those of his own.

Beware of men who are always focusing on themselves and their careers. When you are with such men, all you will hear is what they are going to do for themselves.

Sign # 2 You miss you man when he’s gone, even for a little while.  If you do not miss the presence of you man, or if you feel a sense of freedom he’s   not around, trouble is brewing.  He is either annoyingly smothering you or abusing you in some way.  When a couple is ready for marriage, and the love is strong, just a few hours apart from each other are hard to endure.

I am not suggesting co-dependency.  Emotional attachment due to low self- esteem is never a good time to become serious about marriage. But genuine love sparks the desire to be near the object of love at all times.

Sign # 3 You feel safe and secure around him. When you are with your man, you feel protected from all outside forces.  You know that you man will die for you if necessary.

If you feel insecure in the presence of your man, especially when danger is around, you might want to reconsider the relationship. If a man is unwilling to protect you when the wolf knocks on the door, then you might be dating a boy.

Your man must be able to stand up for your safety, even if cannot when against the forces of the moment; he still must be willing to put his life on the line for you.

Sign # 4 A Degree of Family Acceptance has been secured.  Your family likes him and his family, and his family likes you and your family.  A degree of family acceptance has to be achieved for a marriage to be whole without too much pressure from in-laws.

When couples marriage they marry into each other’s family as well. If no one in the entire family of either partner acknowledges the marriage, then there will be trouble for sure.  A mother or father, sister or brother, aunt or uncle must accept the marriage to some degree.

A marriage without a degree of family acceptance will be immersed in constant conflict and distrust time and time again. The bottom line is that marriages can go quickly into a downward spiral without receiving some family support.

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Sign # 5 Your financial situation is in order.  He has a good job, good credit, and a nice car.  If you couldn’t work for some ungodly reason, you know that you will be well supported. However, you should have a good job and good credit as well. Financial troubles will be less an issue, and you can be financially independent.

Marriage is an expensive institution, especially in the United States where the cost of living is high.  The biggest mistakes most couples make to get married without any financial savings.

Marriages crumble real quickly when money becomes an issue.  Couples who are unwilling to wait until their financial situation improve will most likely regret getting married when lack, limitations, and bills begin to pile up.

In financially oppressed marriages the sense of romance goes out of the door. Resentment can also turn into emotional or even physical abuse.

Therefore, you must have an absolute understanding of your man’s financial situation, and he must also have an understanding of yours as well.

Buying a home, having children and saving up for retirement demand that a couple’s financial situation is in order.

Now the Choice is Yours

The decision to get married is ultimately up to you.  You must be aware of the above signs as well as other signs that make you feel comfortable making such an immense decision. However, you must not wait too late.  Your choice will change your life forever.



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