ATM Location Safety Tips: Keeping Yourself and Your Cash Safe


For millions of consumers, the ATM is a reliable source for getting the hard cash needed to make purchases instead of using credit cards or checks. However, when getting a stack of quick cash, you must consider two things: the location of the ATM and the surrounding environment.

Horror stories abound about people getting robbed by groups of criminals or by a single thug with a knife or gun. The majority of the time the individual who is robbed just doesn’t realize that he or she is being watched.

Therefore you must be aware of the ATM locations at which you withdraw cash. To ignore your surrounding environment is to open yourself up to physical attack and robbery or worse.  Never take the importance of location for granted.

Choosing the right location is the key to ATM safety


Type of ATM locations: The Best

Your Bank

Inside your bank is the best location for withdrawing money from an ATM, especially if your bank is nearby.  Instead of standing in a long line and waiting for a teller, you can go straight to the ATM and withdraw the money you need.

You are less likely to get robbed by a group of thugs inside a bank where cameras and security guards are present.

Grocery Store

The grocery store is another safe place to withdraw money from an ATM. You are surrounded by a crowd of people who can see everything that goes on. A criminal is less likely to rob you without someone recognizing or tackling him to the floor.

Thieves like to do their deeds and get away as quickly as possible. They don’t want to be running over people or into glass doors in an attempt to escape.

Gas Station

Gas stations are also pretty safe ATM locations for withdrawing cash, especially in the daytime. However, make sure you look around you to see who may be watching or acting suspiciously.  At night time, you must understand that most gas stations attract a host of strange characters.

So be aware of suspicious people that may be standing outside of the gas station. Many of them will approach you while you are pumping gas or getting inside your car.

Outside Location

Withdrawing money from outside ATM locations is only recommended if you are in a trusted environment. However, if you are in an unfamiliar environment make sure you are in a car when you withdraw cash. Also, you must keep an eye on your surroundings to see if anyone is suspiciously walking toward you.

If you are in an automobile, you can speed away before the menace arrives.  Outside ATM locations may be populated or empty. Therefore you must take the most caution.  Criminals are always watching for easy opportunities.

Avoid ATM locations which are isolated, especially at night time.  Most likely the ATM is being desperately watched.

However, if you have no other option but to use a risky ATM location, make sure you have some defensive strategy.  You can have purchased a can of pepper spray, a registered firearm or an emergency device that connects you directly to law enforcement.  Search the internet for the latest protective devices and strategies.

Extra Tip

Be aware of ATMs that are not operating properly. Many ATMs are being rigged to steal your bank information and identity. Pay attention to the condition of the ATM. If it appears to be tampered with, don’t use it.  Only use ATMs that appear to be operating properly.

The Bottom line

You must not be caught unprepared. ATMs are a godsend when we are in need of cash. But we must be vigilant at all times. No location is totally safe, not even in locations in which we consider highly secure.   So be watchful! Criminals are becoming more desperate by the day.