Why Quitters Never Win & Winners Can’t Lose


Winning has more to do with a unique mindset than it has to do with a specific degree of activity. Millions who are stagnant, frustrated and depressed in life haven’t discovered that the mind is the major source of all growth and progress.

A person with a quitter mentality is always looking for an easy way to move past the fears and challenges demanded by true success.  He or she doesn’t want to feel the awkwardness and uncomfortable emotions that occur when confronting a challenge head-on.


However, people who win learn to face rejection and failure without reservation.  Consider all of the greatest leaders who have made a dramatic difference in the world. Although they failed many times, they got back up, repositioned themselves and faced their situation  again and again.  Eventually, they won and became some of the most icon role models in our generation.

Through perseverance they overcame.  They never thought about quitting or throwing in the towel after a few months or years of discouragement.

Colleagues Applauding Senior Businessman ca. 2003

Tragedy of Quitting

When you quit, you are saying that the person, situation or circumstances which have prevented you from moving forwards are your masters.

However, bowing down to the things in life that we feel has hindered us from growth and prosperity is a mistake that destroys the untold potential of millions who walk the earth.

Quitters never win because they simply quit. They have not developed their minds enough to see the big event that is waiting for them.  Instead, they concentrate on the roadblocks and traffic jams occurring along the way.  So they quit, turn back around, and go home.

Winning Not Intended to be Easy

But winning isn’t supposed to be easy.   It isn’t now and will never be.

People who win keep driving toward the event. They are patient with the wait or delay, knowing that the event will be that much more spectacular whenever they get there.

Insight: if winning was easy, then life would be boring.  Joy and happiness come when an individual is achieving something worthwhile, not when he is sitting on the couch watching TV or lying on the beach daydreaming about what life would be like if he had this or that thing. Normally such lifestyles become extremely boring.

Why Winners Can’t Lose


Winners know that in order to be highly successful in life they must be unstoppable. They allow no person, situation nor circumstance to prevent them from achieving their dreams.  Just the thought of quitting or giving up terrifies them.

Life is too short to give up.  At one time you are 20 years old but then you find yourself facing the age of 50 without much achievement in life.  Regret comes to those who miss out on life because they have allowed fear and rejection to stop them.

They Refuse to Lose

A winner can’t lose because he refuses to lose.  To quit is to lose the rewards which challenges and hardships bring while one is achieving a dream.  Great character and growth are the results of moving forward in spite of the hopelessness and despair that sometimes possess our souls.

Winners can’t lose because they move forward and live, rather than stand still and die.  Standing still is an act of submitting to personal problems and challenges which lead us in the wrong direction.  Turning to drugs, alcohol, and criminal activity is the results of those who stand still and do nothing worthwhile to fulfill the calling in their lives.

Embracing the dark side is the practice of losers who believe that they cannot win while pursuing an honorable and respectable lifestyle.  As a result, such people continue on a downward spiral toward destruction and misery.

A Time to Make a Stand

If you are a quitter and have been living a life of lack and limitation as well as uncertainty about which direction you should go, then you must readjust your perception of true success and achievement.

Greatness in life is about the courage to be, do and have, regardless of how much pain you experience in the process of being, doing and having the quality of life you deserve.  You must stand up and be counted and refuse to bow down to the odds.   People with such convictions do not lose even when it appears that all is lost.

Such people become role models. Even after they are long gone from the earthly scene, they legacy lives on.  People desire to emulate them and improve on their ideas and creativity.




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