Working Your Way to the Top of the Accounting Industry


Great opportunities for promotion will always exist in the accounting field.  As long as companies and organizations are in existence, an accountant will always be in demand.  No occupation, enterprise, or nation can survive long without those who have command of numbers. If there is money to be made and jobs to be performed, there will also be a demand for accountants.

If you want to be an accountant, you must run toward numbers instead of running away from them. Working with numbers must give you a rush.

The accountants who rise to the top of their profession are passionate about taking absolute command of an organization’s financial environment.  The time it takes to reach this financial mountain top depends on you and how hard you work toward the prize. The top three positions in the accounting field are as follows:

Top Position # 3


The accountant has a bachelor’s degree.  An accountant job requires an individual to examine the financial statements of an organization and make sure these statements are accurate and conforms to the rules and regulations.

In addition to organizing and maintaining financial records, accountants make sure that an organization’s taxes in paid on time.

Major Qualities: Detail oriented, math, communication, and analytical skills

Top Position #2


The controller is over every accountant. He or she may gather and organize problematic issues dealing with the flow and process of accounting.  When regular accountants have a problem, they report it to the controller.

Hard work,  5 or more years of experience, further schooling, and passion for more control of the financial environment can qualify an individual to move from a regular accountant job to a controller.

Major Qualities: problem solving, interpersonal and time management skills

Top Position #1

Chief Financial Officer

The chief Financial officer (CFO) is the highest position is the accountant field. The financial well-being of the organization is the responsibility of the CFO.  He or she creates financial reports, performs data analysis, and supervises accountants and controllers.

Chief Financial Officers usually have a great deal of experience in other areas of finance, including auditing, analyst, and lending.  The majority of CFO’s are certified and possesses a master’s degree.

Major Qualities: math, communication, and organizational skills.


The more skills, knowledge, and education an individual receives, the more he or she can work their way to the mountain top of the financial environment.  Some accountants may only be content with their regular jobs, but for those who are passionate about the world of finance, the top seat is awaiting your arrival.  Go for it.






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