Say No to Your Comfort Zone!


Say No to the comfort zone!  Hiding in a comfortable state of existence makes our lives miserable.  Although we may not have to face our awkwardness and discomfort when we do nothing, we forsake our inner gifts and talents and die, unfulfilled.

Millions of people die every day without fulfilling the purpose in which the creator prepared for them. They loved comfort so much that they could not imagine themselves performing something new.

As a result, they missed out on the most beautiful things in life, such as:

  • Earning a degree
  • Finding a job
  • Finding a partner
  • Getting married
  • Having a child
  • Getting a promotion
  • Becoming popular
  • Creating something significant

All these wonderful dreams require you to come out of your comfort zone and make your life worthwhile not only for yourself but for others as well.

Why keep your goals locked up forever? Others are waiting for you to achieve your dreams so that they can have an example to build their lives upon.  Our lives do matter to the people who surround us. We must not minimize the things we do and say. We are always being watched by people who are reading our lives in order to learn something new.

Therefore getting out of your comfort zone is a necessity.

To escape the comfort zone, you must discover the things which you are afraid to handle. By confronting the things which you fear, your comfort zone is shattered into pieces.

Be willing to be embarrassed. Unless you are willing to be laughed at by people who you respect, you will stay in your comfort zone because you don’t want to lose their love and affection for you. The thought of your admirers ridiculing is terrifying.

However, the whole thing is just your imagination. Your friends, as well as the people you admire, will most likely love your more for attempting something new and failing at it.

I experienced this fact time and time again. I was an extremely shy teenager.  I was fearful of speaking before people. My mind would always go blank if I didn’t have notes to guide me through a speech I had to give in an event.  I thought my friends would think less of me if I failed. The image that I had long portrayed was in jeopardy of being shattered.  However, the opposite was true. Instead of ridiculing and abandoning me, they eagerly embraced the new found spirit that I had become.

Consider what’s at stake. Your inner gifts and talents will not be revealed if you hide in your comfort zone. You will deprive the world of the treasure enthroned in your being.  Others who believe in you will never see the benefits that come with being themselves.  You did not show them that vital part of life.  As a result, you will betray your creator.

Don’t hide your uniqueness in the comfort zone. Your life has too much to offer to be hampered by the fears and intimidations of the world. You were meant to confront and overcome everything attempting to stop you from excelling and making a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

Say No to Your Comfort Zone!  Live to the fullest.  Build character and make a difference.

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