Powerful Steps to Conquering People Oriented Intimidation


Intimidation is the submission of our souls to other people due to the fear of what they may do to us.  Once we surrender our souls, we have lost all control. We are too overwhelmed by weakness to give a significant response.  Our sense of peace and poise is unraveled by thoughts of what is going to happen to us.

In my high school classrooms, I remember being so intimidated by what others might say or think about me that I hardly said anything in class.  My ability to participate in the learning process was, unfortunately, non-existent.

Because of these fears, I received low grades and never made the dean’s list, even though I wanted to achieve excellence in all my assignment. I wanted to be a top student so badly.  But on- going failure is the price you pay for intimidation.

I eventually faced my fears once I understood that my life wasn’t going anywhere until I conquered this devastating flaw. Sometimes I choked at the moment of truth but I always get back up and try again until the problem is no more.

My success today as a life coach is a reality because I stood up against intimidation and won by a landslide.  I know that no one can intimidate me unless I give them permission.

If you want to be successful and live an enhanced quality of life, you must take steps to conquer your intimidation.

Attack False Assumptions about People

Overcoming the fear of people begins by attacking the false assumptions you have about yourself and what you are becoming.

False assumptions about what people might do to you must be eradicated.  Nine times out of 10 no one cares about you and how you feel.  They may not even be thinking about you.  Other times people are thinking about you and attempting to take advantage of you.

Never become a victim to intimidators. If you do, the situation will only get worst. They will do everything in the power to oppress the quality of your life.  They don’t want to see you succeed. They would rather see you defeated under their power.

Stand Toe to Toe against Intimidation

Determine to stand face to face with every person who attempts to intimidate you.  Be willing to never back down from doing what you want to do despite what others may say or do.

Consider what you are becoming.  Are you allowing people to make you a weak, incompetent person who always follow the lead of others?

Equip yourself with the empowering thought that you are a one-of-kind individual who exists to make an incredible difference in the world.

The more you stand toe to toe against intimidation, the less you are intimidated by people. You become strong enough to hold your own against any person, condition or circumstance.

Study Inspiring books, DVDs, and Audio Tapes

Empower yourself by reading major inspirational resources, including biblical sources that diminish the idea of intimidation.

Psalms, Proverbs, and others great biblical literature books impact our consciousness in a way that we are no longer the same person.  Our mentality changes for the better. We become more determined when we read about others who have stood up against the jaws of intimidation and won.

Reading powerful literature and DVD documentary dealing with the triumphs of others over adversity can transform us into a major influencer in our personal, workplace and community lives.

Following the above steps will empower us to overcome the fear of people and experience of a life of freedom from man.  Overcoming intimidation will provide you with an enhanced quality of life in which you can enjoy your work, family, and friends.



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