Value-Driven Risk Taking: A Critical Success Factor for Winning in Business and Life


The commander and chief are our natural hero, especially in time of challenges and crisis. He makes sure our borders are secure from foreign evasions on a constant basis; he makes sure that the citizens of the United States are free from natural and international terrorism.  President Kennedy and Barack Obama are two of our natural heroes.

He will even risk his reputation and his position of power to make the right decisions for the preservation of the union.  Abraham Lincoln was one of these Presidents.

The Significance of Value Driven Risk Taking

Risk taking is a necessity across the board, transforming every aspect of society.  Going against uncertainty and threats is the price we pay for progress.  All meaningful growth and prosperity depend on the ability to take appropriate, value-driven risks.

On our jobs and in our communities, most of us have taken risks in order to enhance our quality of service.  For example:

In our workplace, we may make a customer relationship risk.  Customers may get angry at us because we didn’t follow up on a commitment or we may have mistakenly misled them in making a decision that was not right for their lifestyle.  For such mistakes, we may lose the customer.


In our community, we may make a reputational risk by standing up against thugs who desire to take over and oppress the community by fear and intimidation.  Others may not like our boldness because it goes against their unlawful objectives.  We could be beaten, robbed or worse if we continue to take action against thuggishness in our community.  We could also be celebrated for making our community safe and secure for children and families.

Natural Heroes: Are We Really?

Nevertheless, value-driven risk taking makes us all natural heroes.  The question is to be or not to be natural heroes.

Value-driven risk taking is the type of activity that may bring increase or decrease in our area of expertise.  9 times out of 10 such risk taking will bring more good than bad. The evidence is all around us if we can see with new eyes.

Our greatest technology is the result of someone taking value-driven risks.  Chances were that the smartphone, cloud computing, and social media platforms could have been rejected by society, resulting in a huge economic liability for the investors.

However, because of the transformative value, such technology would bring to society; these innovations did not crash against resistance.  People accepted the new technology with open arm, resulting in a massive economic increase, especially for the owners.

The Tragedy of not Taking Risk

Therefore, nothing valuable can be created without risk taking.  Without risk taking, there would be no safety or security in society.  Instead, there would be fear and dread.  Without risk taking, there would be no meaningful relationships.  Instead, there would be distrust and paranoia.  Going against the grain of rejection and disapproval is a critical success factor in the growth and development on all levels of society. Without value-driven risk taking, a man or women could not do what is necessary to take care of a family.

Preparing for a Life of Value Driven Risk Taking

Setting goals is where you start.  Writing down all the things you dream of accomplishing and the resulting benefits is the key to seeing the value in risk taking.  When planning goals, consider the following areas:

  • Career
  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Attitude
  • Skills Acquisition
  • Talent development

You must weigh the pros and cons of value-driven risk-taking in these areas.  In many of these areas, you may already be settled.  But choose 2 or 3 under-developed areas and establish goals for achieving excellence in these endeavors.

Even if you fail in various goals, don’t despair.  The strength and power of character you gain from attempting are great value and knowledge.

Playing it safe is the way of the unsuccessful.  However, the way to the top is for the natural heroes of life, regardless of status or gender.  You may be the president a country or the head of the household in an oppressive community.  Your position isn’t the problem.  What you do in the way of value-driven risking taking is what makes what you do stand out from the crowd.


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