7 Ways to Use Shameful Mistakes to Your Advantage


Have you ever made a huge mistake?  Of course, we all have, at least, once in our lives.  However, never be ashamed of a big mistake.  You will gain character, strength, and knowledge to succeed the next time you attempt a new venture.

Some our biggest mistakes are made in the areas of finances, relationships, and health.  Maybe we didn’t invest for our retirement, maybe our insensitive behavior toward our spouse caused us a divorce, or maybe we are hindered by a dysfunction which we clearly brought upon ourselves by maintaining a negative lifestyle.

But if we dwell on the mistakes we have made, we will diminish the quality of our own lives and become trapped in a nonproductive state of existence.  We will be afraid to try because of the threat of shame and failure.  Refuse to allow this to happen to your life and the people you love.

Instead, stay positive in the face of shame and move beyond it.

Be courageous!  Move through your sense of shame and watch it become less and less of a factor in your quest for success.  Shame diminishes when we ignore it and move forward anyway.  A mentality of shame desires to keep you thinking that you are not good enough. What a mistake! Refuse to believe this delusion. It is the product of dark thinking.

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Avoid negative people.  Don’t hang around people who only point out your faults. They may tell you that you are not cut out for the job or that you are unfit to be a good mother or father. Negative people come in all shapes and sizes. They all have one thing in common: to drag you down and make you feel like you are the worst person in the world.

Enjoy learning from your mistakes.  The best way to combat shame is to enjoy the process of the journey instead of dwelling on the possible outcome.  We develop character, strength, and knowledge along the journey, not at the end of a goal.  Therefore, even if we make a mistake and fail, we have really not failed. We have become a better, stronger person because of the mishap. Mistake oriented learning will take us onward and upward until we have achieved greatness in our endeavors.

Joke about your experience. One way to soften the trauma of shame is to joke about it with friends and family.  Many great people often bring the humor out of a shameful experience by joking about it before others.  You will be surprised at how people will respond to you if you  portray your errors as laughable matters.

Enjoy what you are becoming. When you move toward shameful failure and overcome it, you are not the same person you were before. A transformation has occurred in your mentality.  You become a free man or woman.  Nothing can ever hold you down again.

Seek out challenging opportunities even though you may fail. The goal is to go after the spirit of shame and destroy it by confrontation after confrontation.  You will discover that instead of you running from shame, the negative emotion will run from you.  For example, if you find it shameful to stand before people, volunteer for opportunities to speak in meetings and social events in the community.

Maximize your determination. Determine that what you have to offer to the world isn’t worth surrendering to the sense of shame.  Surround yourself with positive people and inspiring books, videos and DVDs.  Maximize your determination not to be stopped by the self-limited emotions of shame and failure.

When you surround yourself with positives, you become more confidence and willing to go against the odds, win or lose.  You become psyched out. You mind become an instrument of solid focus and concentration.  You become unstoppable.

Unashamed: The persona of Greatness

Imagine a life without shame. Very few people exist without some degree of shame, however small. But to be totally without shame, yet with wisdom to make right decisions, would be a force to be reckoned with regardless of status or position in life.

The greatness that could be accomplished by an unashamed soul is unimaginable.  He or she will never be hindered by what others may think or do.  He or she will never be intimidated by the laughter and ridicule of others.

Millions of people are held back from freedom of expression or making mistakes because they are so terrified of what people may think of them. They worship the opinions of people more than they consider the opinion of God who created all people.

Never allow this to happen to you in this small lifetime.  When the curtains of life open for you, don’t hesitate to go up on the stage and perform.  Nobly giving it all that one has (win or lose) is the key to greatness and immortality.



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