Entrepreneurial Resilience: What Makes an Entrepreneur Start a New Venture after Failure?


Entrepreneurial resilience is a must-have for those who desire to introduce new business ideas into the marketplace, especially when it comes to small business initiatives and new product launches.  The threat of failure and rejection is a constant companion to aspiring entrepreneurs and their attempt to achieve success.

Failure and setbacks have a way of derailing confidence.  A pattern of constant setbacks can gradually diminish our hope and cause us to quit. The average business person will throw in the towel.  However, people with entrepreneurial resilience know how to rebound from failure right away and start a new venture.

Staying positive and conquering failure after failure until success is ultimately achieved is the hallmark of entrepreneurial resilience.

Mentality of a masterful entrepreneur

What makes a masterful entrepreneur rebound immediately after failure and start a new venture as if nothing happened?  The reasons are profound.

A Setback is not a Failure

Greatness does not recognize a setback as a failure. Instead, setbacks are lessons to be learned and new skills to be acquired.

Settling for less is not an Option

The incredible drive of great entrepreneurs compels them to laugh at failure and move beyond it.  His tenacious mentality enables him to move beyond plan A and B and keeps on keeping on.

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Overwhelming Passion to Succeed

Ask the avid entrepreneur. The passion to succeed is too strong to contain.  Setbacks and failure will not diminish the desire to persevere through the ups and downs of innovation. Accomplishing great things doesn’t come with smoothness.  The road to success is filled with potholes and deep ditches.  An overwhelming passion helps you persevere.

Focuses on the Process, not the outcome

An entrepreneur is a master of resiliency because he or she focuses on the process of achievement rather than the outcome.  In other words, the excitement is in the game and how it is played.

Focuses on day to day success

Looking too far ahead without concentrating on incremental achievements seldom produces the resilience needed to succeed.  If we look too far ahead and focus on the length of time it takes to achieve success, we may fall victim to discouragement and give up.  The avid entrepreneur will have no part of it.

Willingness to experience anything

Accelerated achievement is just around the corner if you are willing to experience anything and still move forward.  You become unstoppable.  Great innovation comes to those who are willing to take the blows and do it their way.

Adaptable to Change

Avid entrepreneurs are able to adapt to changing situations. Great achievement is impossible without such a quality.  The ability to adapt to change and keep a positive mental attitude is an indication of great resilience.

Starting a new venture after failure shouldn’t be a quality possessed only by entrepreneurs, but everyone who desire to rise to the top of their industry.

Building Entrepreneur Resilience

In order to build a resilience mentality, never run from challenges.  Instead, run toward them and accept the consequences time and time again.  Getting used to failure is the prerequisite for developing resilience and confidence.

Attack your fears and intimidations. Practice tenaciousness.  Be willing experience the blows of rejection, embarrassment, and shame.

Connect with people who are going somewhere. Hanging around fearful and unprogressive people will not help you develop resiliency.

You will discover that the more you welcome challenges and failure, the gift of resilience will grow stronger and stronger within you. Great resilience makes you an unstoppable foe against inner resistant and potential failure.

Read books and examine case studies of those who have reached the top of the mountain in their career or profession.


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