Surviving Black Friday Shopping Chaos

Black Friday

Black Friday is the most chaotic time of the holiday season. Desperate retailers and discount-hungry shoppers invade malls and shopping centers across America.

Long lines of anxious shoppers and crowded-shoulder-to-shoulder entrances, and competitive individuals struggle over huge electronic and remarkable brand deals. Such images characterize the atmosphere of Black Friday.

Many times contest among shoppers for materialistic merchandise become violent. People get seriously hurt. Lawsuits are filed, and people are financially ruined.

Such unfortunate financial disasters occur because people just couldn’t wait to purchase that big wide screen TV Theater set at a discounted price.  Are such uncontrollable impulses worth incurring a lifetime of hurt and pain? Of course not!

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Measures for Staying Uninjured and Safe

Focus on what you want and where it is at. Chances are that if you know what you want, you will get it.  If it is a TV set, know the exact model & Style and where to find it.  The majority of Black Friday Shoppers may have an idea of what they want (such as widescreen TV) but they don’t consider the specifications.  Knowledge of the particular brand helps because many overlook such information.

Secret: if you personally know the retail clerks, you can persuade them to put a particular item in a place where you can find it when you come in the store.  For example, if you are looking for a 4k TV, maybe you can persuade your clerk friend to put the item further in the back.  In this way, you are almost guaranteed to get what you want without much hassle.

Keep an eye on the attitudes of the people who are surrounding you. You can tell if people are determined to get through the door regardless of others’ safety by simply noticing their attitudes before the door opens.  If you sense this type of demeanor in people, get away from them and stand with those who seem less pronged to hurt others while entering the store.

Avoid rushing with the front crowd.  Don’t attempt to be the first through the door.  Most of the initial injuries occur when the door first opens, including stampedes.  Anyone falling down at this time will most likely not get up without serious injuries.

Wait until the rushing stops.  You may think this is a ridiculous decision. How will you get that coveted X-Box which you have been waiting for all year long? The reality is that you may not get it at this time. But think about it. Is it really worth getting at the cost of your physical health? Or is it worth getting at the cost of hurting someone and incurring a financial liability? Of Course not!

Avoid pushing and shoving matches.  People have gotten seriously hurt in while fighting over scarce merchandise.  Let the other person have it.  You may have to wait a little longer for your dream 4K Television set, but the alternative could be worse.

Choosing Online Shopping

Furthermore, if you don’t want to put yourself in a chaotic Black Friday situation, you can always do your Black Friday Shopping online.  This is the safest way possible.  You don’t have to endure long line, you don’t have to be pushed and shoved by the crowd and you don’t have to get into a heated confrontation with others who want the same thing you do.

You may have to wait for your coveted item, but when you get what you want, you will have it to enjoy for a long time.

Black Friday don’t have to be a chaotic time for you, especially if you plan your shopping ahead of time and know exactly what you want. Smart shoppers follow such a pattern all the time.


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