Optimum Team Unity: Choosing the Best Players for Your Business

A great team consists of people responsible for various roles and responsibilities in an organization. Expertise in placing the right people in the correct roles is the work of a strong leader. His or her goal in building a team is to create optimum unity, quality, and productivity.

In any organization, there are leaders, managers, supervisors and regular employees, with diverse qualifications.  Considering character, skills, and talent, a leader selects individuals who can get the job done and then some.  However, it may take some experimenting until everyone is settled precisely in the right position.

Some people will have to be switched around; others may have to be replaced until they receive further training in a particular area of importance.

But not all organizational responsibilities demand the power and skills of strong teams.  Some duties of a program can be performed on a solo basis while other aspects of the program require the creativity of teams.

Solo Duties

  • Maintain files
  • Duplicates materials
  • Research information

Team Oriented Duties

  • Develop operating budgets for major clients
  • Develop policies, procedures, and regulations for the organization
  • Develop project objectives and implement major strategies

The top performers, the highly skilled problem solvers and creative oriented, belong on a team designed to be a game changer in the organization.  Therefore, by knowing the background and skill set of every individual on the team, a wise leader will know how to put people in the right place for optimal productivity and quality.

But indifference toward proper team selection will result in chaos and confusion. As a result, a project or program will be plagued by many serious mistakes and costly experimentation.  Nothing can take a place of placing people in the right position so that they can perform with optimal expertise and skill.

Customer oriented individuals must be given special consideration because great customer service is a key success factor of all great organizations. Greeting customers, answering and contacting customers should be the job of people oriented individuals.

Finding the right people with the right skill set and placing them in the right position is the mark of a great leader.  The result will be optimal performance and productivity.