The Life Changing impact of smartphones on people


The globe is occupied with millions of smartphone users. Popular sellers such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T service innumerable clients throughout the world. Smartphone usage is so prevalent that you can hardly look anywhere without seeing someone manipulating one or even two of these gadgets. Chances are that you have one as well.

However, there are as many pros and cons which need to be explained so that we can manage our smartphones in a more civilized way.

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I have owned a smartphone for nearly sixteen years. Even though it is a wonderful instrument to own, I can live without it if necessary.  This is the attitude we must possess if we are going to avoid drifting into a society of social isolation.


Empower us

Smartphone empowers us to connect with anybody in the world, regardless of our location. We can call others while in town or from far away.  At any time of the day, we can connect with others regarding business and life.  If we get lost, we can be tracked down according to our location.

Protects us

Smartphones can help us in an emergency.  If we are in a car accident or caught in a zero negative blizzard, we can call others to inform them of our state.  If we are lost in a strange neighborhood where no one is trustworthy enough to ask them for directions, we can use our smartphone to connect with a familiar voice.

Excites us

Apps! Apps! Apps! It’s all about the apps. To eliminate our boredom, whether we are at home or on the street, we can dive into a world of fantastic apps and games. There are enough apps to occupy our time day and night if possible. Even in the classroom students can’t resist the temptation to engage those apps.


Distracts us

Because of our relentless occupation with smartphones, we are distracted in every way possible.  For example, we are distracted when:

  • We receive calls on our busy jobs or while attending an important meeting
  • We ignore where we are going while walking on the streets
  • We are texting and driving at the same time

Diminishes us

If we are constantly occupied with our smartphones, then we diminish our social ability or our human hood.  We have become technological zombies.  We are so caught up with technology that we forsake the common social etiquettes necessary for social respect.  If we are not careful, we could be headed for an isolated society where intimacy is a rare quality.

Grieves us

Here is an unfortunate consequence of unintelligent smartphone usage: deaths and funerals.  Thousands of people have died while texting or talking on a smartphone.  Many of us are grieving because we have lost our loved ones to distractive driving.

The situation isn’t getting any better despite the warnings and new laws.  For some reason, many of us think we can get away with distractive driving. So we keep texting and keep receiving calls when we should be fully focused on our surroundings.

Smartphones are vitally necessary for our times.  There is no going backward.  Therefore we must strike a balance in our Mobil technology and gadgets.  Should we continue ignoring our need to establish an intimate connection with our neighbors? Or should we leave our smartphone at home more often while we go out into the streets to communicate and make friends with our family, neighbors, and friends?

If we allow our society to drift into social isolation we will become estranged to one another at an accelerated speed.  Therefore, we must change our habits and routines in regard to effectively managing our world without the invasiveness of smartphone usage.

Becoming smarter and more sensitive toward our family and friends will require that we go on a smartphone diet and lose our excessive occupation with intelligent in exchange for engaging with what is real.

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