Donald Trump: A President or Dictator?

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The content of this article will help you determine if Donald Trump is a president or a dictator? The two alarming threats made by Donald Trump regarding Hispanics and Muslims are warning signs that, if implemented, would send the nation into a downward spiral of chaos and damnation. This means that the nation could be headed in the same direction as did Nazi Germany in the 1940’s but in a more deceptive way.  The threats are obvious.

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1st Threat

The first message that sent the nation into an uproar was the promise by Donald Trump to deport all illegal immigrants back to Mexico and thereafter builds a gigantic wall to keep people from reentering the United States.  This response was triggered by a pattern of crimes that occurred due to the presence of foreign nationals entering illegally into the country.  However, since being elected president, Donald Trump has softened his stance on this issue.

2nd Threat

The second message that rattled the nation is the promised move to ban all Muslims from entering the country of America.  This response was triggered by the recent terroristic attack in San Bernardino California where 16 people were killed including the two terrorists.  Donald trump, since the election, has held tight to this view.

The understanding that something must be done due to the threat of chaos and violence running rampant in the land cannot be disputed. However, there must be a more humane way of confronting these problems than resorting to radical measures that will undoubtedly do more harm than good.

Dictator Tendencies

A dictatorial-minded approach to deporting and banning of people from entering the country will not enhance radical messages the progress of the nation. Instead, such radical moves will create overwhelming upheaval and destroy the nation at his core. Let’s hope the President Donald Trump changes his stance on this issue very quickly.

Presidential Tendencies

A great president, a reformer, resolves problems with integrity and respect for all people.  The goal is to create unity by influencing the minds of the individuals to make choices that benefit the prosperity of all mankind.  However, Donald Trump doesn’t have this mentality. His idea-ology is one of force and unbridled restraint.

Protecting American Values & Image

I don’t doubt the Donald Trump can do some good things for the Country, but the American people must stand up against the dictatorial approach that Donald Trump promises to implement regarding Hispanic Americans.  If he is allowed to implement these extreme plans, there will be massive upheaval such as never seen before in this nation.

The potential images of people ripped apart from their families and sent back to dangerous, violent ridden places will shock the world and destroy the values that the United States of American stand for.

The Dictatorial Mentality

Donald Trump stands in the image of a dictator. A dictatorial president will not hesitate to implement an executive order to the fullest to establish what he thinks is right, regardless what others say, including the people of his own political party. Donald Trump attacks whoever opposes him. A dictator believes that his approach is the right way and refuses to listen to anyone who thinks to the contrary.

Power is in the Hand of the People

In order to prevent radical people from getting elected in this country, the people must do what they always have done to keep this country honorable and to live up the values that this great nation holds so dearly.  The power to remove leaders who abuse the seat of power has always been an option for this great nation.  Let’s hope that we do not have to use it.

Preventing leaders with extreme ideas will help keep the image of the nation great in the eyes of the world. People across the world will continue to see a confident and brave nation, a nation not allowing itself to be controlled by fear and isolation.

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