Overcoming Islamophobia in America

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Since the Sanbarnadina terrorist attack that killed 14 people, study shows that thousands of Americans have developed Islamophobia. The terms describe an intense suspicion and fear of anyone involved in the Muslim religion.

People are afraid of becoming a victim of a terroristic attack in the United States. There is a sense of paranoia when in social places, including shopping malls, sports events, concerts or any sizable gathering of people.

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Biggest Mistake

However, the biggest mistake is to allow ourselves as Americans to alienate ourselves from Muslims living in this country.  This is what terrorist groups such as Isis desire: to keep Americans in a state of fear so that our everyday life is constrained by fear of attacks.

Americans must not bow to such fear.  Instead, we must stand strong against intimidation and move forward with our daily lives, enjoying the gift of liberty.

Knowledge of Islam

In order to confront and overcome Islamophobia, we must embrace the knowledge that Muslim people are not the problem. Good Muslim practices their religion and embrace love peace and freedom. However, radical Islam is in opposition to happiness and freedom.  Its purpose is to oppress the soul of an individual or group.

God forbid. He has ordained freedom from all mankind.

Acknowledge the Danger of Radicalism

Undoubtedly, Americans must acknowledge that the danger of radical Islam is a reality. We must not turn a blind eye to this fact. We must be aware of our surroundings whenever we go into socially oriented places.

To alleviate our fears of Islam, many people have decided to engage Muslim with a hand of friendship. They don’t allow negative stereotypes to stop them from making good friends and learning about new cultures. You don’t have to practice Islam to get along with Muslims.

Pursuit of Peace and Goodwill

If we desire to live in peace, we must adapt a mentality of good will to all mankind. Getting to know Muslims is not difficult at all. We can find in nearly every area of society, including the workplace, the schools as well as the community.

Understanding of a culture has a way of eliminating the fear of that culture. Americans must be educated on the Muslim religion of Islamophobia is going to be overcome.

Consequences of Remaining Ignorant

If our understanding remains dark, we must face a growing suspicion of all Muslim people. This mistake of ignoring the knowledge of the Muslim culture will create many damaging can result in violence toward those who practice the Muslim religion.  And we all can agree that violence doesn’t help anyone. Only love for those who are different will help build and restore peace in the world.

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