The Pros and Cons of Living Single in America


Millions of Americans live the signal life. Some people stay single by choice while others just haven’t found that special soulmate they have been longing for; however, happiness with the single life depends on the needs and desires of the single person.  Such lifestyle has its pros and cons.


Economically-a single person can enjoy making his own money. Since he doesn’t have a wife or children to take care of, he can manage his money more easily.  He can purchase whatever he wants; he can travel or he can save his money until he reaches the status of a millionaire.

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Freedom-a single person has the freedom to date, anyone, he wants. He doesn’t have to worry about cheating because he hasn’t made any commitments to anyone.  He is free to go out and paint the town every weekend.

Accelerated Progress-since a single person doesn’t have to stop what he is doing to support a family, he can be as mobile as an eagle.  He can fly as high as he desires and see as much as he wants to see.  His progress is not hindered.


Economically-a single person isn’t guaranteed a financially successful life. The majority of Americans need two incomes just to maintain a normal middle-class lifestyle. Therefore, a single person may struggle economically, especially if he has children to support.

Loneliness -people who are single may have a good job and comfortable shelter. But they may find themselves terribly lonely, especially around holidays and in times when everyone seems to be married and having a good time.

Health Issue-studies show that the single lifestyle can be less healthy than the married lifestyle. The emotional differences are good criteria for these studies. Sadness and loneliness suppress the immune system, making our bodies more subject to illness while happiness and intimacy with someone special can enhance our immune system.

I had been single until my late thirties while the majority of my friends were married with at least one or two children.  I recall both positive and negative moments throughout the single lifestyle.  Enjoying the time you are single is a matter of perspective.

The bottom line is that you must make a decision as to which lifestyle is right for you.  For ongoing advice, look-up single-people programs where singles gather and engage in various fun activities. This is important if you are looking to meet someone special.

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