Milwaukee Summer fest: A Spectacular Experience for Summer Travelers


Summerfest is a spectacular event which attracts tens of thousands of people to the Milwaukee Lake Front between late June and early July.  The greatest thing about Summerfest is that it brings together people from all over the United States as well as from many parts of the world. The exciting summer event is a surefire social magnet.

Multiple Stage Performances

The first thing you notice when you arrive on the Summerfest ground is the music. Multiple musical styles and melodies echo across the festival. Everywhere you look and everywhere you go you are in the presence of a musical exhibition.

The hallmark of Summerfest is the variety of song artist and musical performances which grace the multiple stages which surround the festival.

Incredibly Delicious Food Choices

The incredible food doesn’t take second place at the festival.   Pizza, hot dogs, roasted corn, barbecue chicken, ribs, corned beef, ice creams, floats and a wide choice of other yummy items.  The food becomes more and more delicious as the event goes on.

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Carnival for Kids

For children, the festival has an excited midway where all sorts of carnival rides are waiting to thrill. Roller coasters, water rides, rides that dip, spin and go round and round are the highlight of a child’s idea of a fairytale land

What would a festival be without games that give you an opportunity to win a variety of unique surprises including stuffed animals, both large and small?

Beautiful Lake Shore Scenery

For those who want to get away from the festival for a while and sightsee, a short walk over to the lakeshore filled with huge rocks is the ideal place for good scenery.  Sailboats, water cycles, big ships travel across the lake on an hourly basis. In fact, if you are feeling like a sailor, you can even catch a ride across the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan.

A visit to Summerfest will not disappoint. Make sure you get your tickets, which vary in price (from $14.00 on up). Tickets at the gate are more expensive.  Nevertheless, the investment is well worth a Summerfest experience, creating a collection of wonderful memories.

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