Playing Online Games: Having Fun without Confrontation


The obsession with online games can be a serious problem if you are driven to neglect the most important dynamics of your life, such as a wife and family.  However, online games can be an appropriate pastime enjoyment on a cold winter’s night when there is simply nothing else interesting enough to satisfy your attention.

Many people complain about online games because of the drastic amount of time people spend entertaining themselves on the internet.  Of course, playing online games must be done with moderation and consideration for one’s roles and responsibilities regarding life.

When playing games begin to create a relational crisis, the time has come to rethink your participation online.

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Also, the type of games we play and the intention we play them with does matter.  Games that are played with ill intention can inspire us to do things we are unlikely to do if it wasn’t for our obsession with the entity.

But games that are played with understanding are harmless.

Some of the most interesting online games are free. Here are a few:

Medieval Games

  • Forge of Empires
  • Elvenar
  • Omega Zodiac

Fantasy Games

  • Fiesta
  • Big Farm
  • Kanpani Girls

Battle Games

  • Call of War
  • Sparta: War of Empire
  • Star Trek: Alien Dominion

Sports Games

  • Foot Ball
  • Baseball
  • Basketball

The good thing about the above games is that they are free to play. All you need to do in many cases is to register and establish an account.  For some games, you can play them straight from your keyboard.  Others you may have to install the apps.

Nevertheless, online games are a delightful way to spend some time entertaining yourself and forgetting about the ups and downs of life.

Before downloading games and playing them online, make sure you have taken care of all your priorities. The truth is that once engrossed in a game, it may be hard to get away from it to take care of important matters.

If you want to enjoy your online game, don’t risk getting into an argument with your spouse because you neglected to take out the garbage or clean the oven in time enough for her to cook for friend or relatives who may be coming over for dinner.






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