Is Mobile Technology Destroying the Moral Fabric of America?

mobile technology

The obsessive emphasis on mobile technology has created a massive sense of isolation and loneliness among people all over the world, especially in well-developed nations where technology is paramount. Everywhere you look people are preoccupied with smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets.

Attempting to get to know people now-a-days is very risky. Your approach to getting to know others will most likely go unnoticed if people are too engaged with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to acknowledge your presence.

If such negative trend is ignored, the world will become an increasingly dangerous place. The interest in the common goodwill of others will suffer, resulting in selfishness and disinterest in the lives of our neighbors, friends and family.

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Studies show that when we become isolated, we suffer emotionally, mentally and physically. As human beings, we need love in order to stay emotionally and mentally sound.  Our nature needs the kindness and affection of others in order to feel good about ourselves.  Kind acknowledgment of our being by others gives us energy, strength and a sense of confidence.

Without these intangible gifts, our lives will be filled with loneliness, hopelessness, and gloom.  Therefore if we are to survive the threat of emotional isolation, we must not remain silent but stand up for basic connectivity and unity which make the game of living worthwhile.

Investing in technology is important. We need mobile technology, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. However, there needs to be a balance when it comes to its usage and our social ability. We must not allow it to take our basic needs for acknowledgment and confirmation from one another.

If we are part of the problem we must not remain ignorant to the fact that we might be instrumental in creating a society of loneliness and isolation.  If we desire to reverse this trend, we must adjust our behavior on many levels.

To start we must allow ourselves to be open to the friendly approach of others. We must not be so entangled in our smartphone apps that we ignore kindness.

We must take time out to observe our surroundings instead of being oblivious to happenings that might be critical to our safety and well-being.  For example, many smartphone addicts have been robbed, killed or seriously injured due to their ignorance of their surroundings.

News headlines are filled with people walking off bridges, falling into rivers and getting hit by trains because of their preoccupation with mobile technology.

We must commit to spending time with our loved ones. Many couples are so involved with mobile technology that they cannot even take a decent walk without pulling out smartphones.  However, creating intimacy requires that nothing comes between the love vibes we give each other.

Creating a social environment where love and kindness thriving, we, as a society, must harness our obsession with mobile technology and return to the ideas that create a sense of belonging and well-being in our world.