Making a difference in Your Child’s Future Success


Great parents make a difference in their child’s life as soon as it is born. A good mother cradles it within her arms with fervent passion, giving it a sense of security and warmth.  A great father sees and plans his child’s future, paving the way for a great and prosperous existence.

Children who grow up to be great nearly always credit a mother or father or guardian for encouraging them along the way toward success.  While on the brink of giving up or throwing in the towel, many children remember something significant said by a parent that motivated them and lifted them high above the sting of temporary failure and disgrace.

Great parents raise children who are:


Children who are principled know how to manage themselves, including their speech and behavior.


These children are aware of the world around them.  They are curious about almost everything.


Children who are innovative are always thinking of new ways to go beyond traditional standards.


These children are not shy about expressing their thoughts and ideas to the world. They are most likely to become political and participate in various areas of the government.

Goal oriented

Children who are goal-oriented plan their lives 5 to 10 years ahead. They have been taught to avoid drifting through life. Purpose comes through goal setting.

Forward thinking

These children are always thinking a day, week, or month ahead of their peers. Instead of going outside to play, they entertain more noble ideas such as reading a book or practicing on a pre-test in order to score excellently on the upcoming exam.

People oriented

Children who are people-oriented love to interact with people. They know that there is no success in life without the right people surrounding them.

Children with these qualities will excel in any area of life.  Most become leaders of organizations and communities.

Therefore, doing and saying things that make a difference in your child’s life is crucial to leading a child toward the fulfillment of their dreams.  For example, when your child shows interest in a particular subject area of life, you must encourage the child to engage this interest with enthusiasm and faith to succeed when things become rough.

Believe it or not, the choice words from a father or mother will go a long way in directing a child’s life toward something wonderful.   I remember words from my mother that has been instrumental in directed my life toward spiritual wholeness.

However, many people have become famous because their parents directed them in a musical or theatrical talent.

Identify what your child is supremely interested in and encourage this interest to the fullest. Say the choice words that will never be forgotten.  When you see the greatness of your inspiring words and behavior you will never regret it.  Not only will you be proud, but your children will be forever proud of you.



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