The Entrepreneur Mentality: Achieving Greatness through Change


Millions of people believe that in order to be an entrepreneur you must have a large IQ in the business industry.  Most innovative ideas and trends appear to be produced by tech- competent individuals who work for Microsoft, Google, and other technological giants.

However, anybody can decide to become and entrepreneur in any industry. In fact, it would be very beneficial to possess a mentality of entrepreneurs in every facet of society, including the workplace, schools, the community as well as personal life and home life.

If we become aware of our surroundings we can find many ordinary people taking the initiative to bring forth many innovative ideas and projects.

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Changing the Workplace

In the workplace, we can be innovative by thinking of new and better ways of getting things done. Saving time, reducing cost and improving quality in terms of products and services, whether outside of the business or within the interdepartmental circle, will always present opportunities to embrace.

Changing Your School

In schools, if you are a teacher you can come up with innovative ways to organize and create curriculum, teach lessons, conduct classrooms, and connect with parents.  Coming up with innovative ideas is the essence of the entrepreneur mentality.  “Virtually every profession demands a certain level of entrepreneurial thinking, but very few students actually gain entrepreneurial training and experience before graduation from college”, states Michael D. Hartline, interim dean of the College of Business at Florida State University.

Changing Your Community

Coming up with new ideas for helping our community is an entrepreneur initiative as well.   If you look around the community, you will notice several areas where improvements can be made.  If you mobilize people in order to help you embrace the needs for these improvements, the community then you operating in the image of a trail blazer.

Changing Your Life and Home

Even in our personal and home life, we can adopt an entrepreneur mentality. For example, if we are tired of the same old of lifestyle, we can make smart moves to change it for the better. We can go to school, change our appearance, or come up with new ideas for living a happier life; we are an entrepreneur at heart.

In the home, if we are parents, we can introduce a new way of thinking and acting, in order to produce a new perspective on life.  We can implement new ideas and activities that will potentially unlock the gifts and talents within our children.  If we desire to create hospitality, we can change the atmosphere of our homes so that it will resonate with peace and love.

The Entrepreneur Title belongs to Everyone

Becoming an entrepreneur in any area of life is a reality for all who once believed that the title was for business people only.  All you need is courage and the commitment to be unstoppable.  An entrepreneur has one distinguishable trait: the need to fulfill an insatiable desire for newness and adventure regardless of the risk involved.

Don’t feel bad about not adopting an entrepreneur mentality much sooner, now that you know that it is possible, you can dream new dreams and become unstoppable in any area of society or industry you may find yourself involved

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