Starting a Family: Should Couples Have Children While Young?


Are you thinking about having children? If so, do you want to have them while you are in your mid-twenties or do you want to wait until you or in your late thirties or early forties? According to Psychology Today, the best time to have children is when you are in your mid-twenties or early thirties. The reasons are alarming.


Having children before 25-31 can lead to financial woes, especially if a couple haven’t finished college and haven’t found a reliable job.  To put it more plainly, if an individual goes to college right after high school, chances are he will be finished with school and working on a full-time job by the time he decides to bring a little baby in the world. Going to college, getting a degree and finding the right job takes time.

Bringing children into the world while still struggling with financials will only add to an already stressful and out of control lifestyle.


If you don’t have enough energy, you can’t participate in activities long. You will get tired and exhausted.   But having kids while young gives you time enough to run and play just like a kid yourself. And your kids will get to know you better.

When children are born to older parents, the time spent playing with their parents will be severely limited.  I knew a kid who was born to a seventy-year-old father.  Because the father was advanced in years, the kid hardly got to know the playful side of him.


As a parent, you need to be able to protect your children from possible predators if necessary. For example, imagine you are out in the park with your son or daughter and a gang of thugs invade the park, shooting at one another. You need to be able to get your children to safety quickly before a possible stray bullet hit one of them.

But if you are an older parent, you may not have to strength or energy to get your child to safety or fight off possible predators who might attempt to kidnap him or her.

I am not trying to discourage people who desire to wait to have children, but I am presenting the cons of having children in your latter years.  I am only suggesting that opportunities are greater for raising children while you are younger.

You will have enough strength, energy, and ability to run and play with your children as well as protect them from possible misfortunes.


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