Courtyard Living: A Godsend for Children’s Safety


One of the most safest and convenient spaces for a child to play without much direct supervision is the courtyard. A courtyard is a spacious piece of geography enclosed by a circle of buildings or apartment complexes.  The inhabitants of these buildings are usually renters, but the courtyard can also be encircled by a group of townhomes.

Courtyards usually consist of shade trees, green grass spaces, picnic tables, barbecue grills, sidewalks for bike riding and walkarounds.

Similar to front and backyards, the courtyard can be used for a variety of activities, including reading and relaxation,  recreational activities such as music and games, cookouts and family reunions and many other interesting ideas.  Children can play and have fun in both places.

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However, the courtyard is usually much spacious and safer for children to play. Parents don’t have to worry about them running out into the street chasing a ball or getting into trouble in the backyard where no one can see them.

Safe Enclosure

In the courtyard, children are enclosed by homes or apartments. There are no streets where cars can endanger their lives. Children can play soccer, football, and Frisbee without these game items flying out into the streets.

In addition, the courtyard has a captive audience. Since the geography, I surrounded by homes or apartments an adult is more than likely looking out into the yard. Because they can see everything that is going on, they are more than likely report something that is suspicious or out of the ordinary.  This is what makes a courtyard safer for renters or townhome owners who have children.

Courtyard Traffic

In the courtyard, there are many people patterns.  Adults are always coming in and going out of their apartments or homes.  Children are always playing and chasing each other around.   Families set around talking and picnicking under the shade trees.

I have been living in a courtyard setting for over ten years and I still enjoy going out and walking around in it every morning.  During the day I set out in it and read or watch the children play.  I meet different people and make new friends. New people are always moving in.

Coming Together as Neighbors

The courtyard is designed for people to come together and get to know one another. The courtyard protects our children.  When they are playing I know they are safe and secure from being hit by a car or harmed by a stranger.

That’s the essence of courtyard living.  Happy Renting!



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