Riding the City Bus: An Experience of Adventure

bus ride

Riding the city bus is a rewarding adventure for those who would like to explore the city and save money and gas.

The things you’ll need include a bus fare and schedule. These two personal resources will make your journey trouble-free.  However, if you plan on being a regular bus rider, purchase a bus pass in order to save money. You can get bus passes at various prices, including daily, weekly or monthly.

Make sure you are on time for your first bus. Leave several minutes ahead of time because some drivers might arrive and leave two to five minutes early.  You don’t want to have to wait a half hour for another bus.

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Boarding the Bus

When boarding the bus, have bus fare ready. The bus usually takes off immediately after your feet clear the steps. Attempting to search for bus fare while the bus is moving can be an awkward and somewhat embarrassing, especially if you fall down.

If the bus isn’t full, set where you can enjoy the best public view. Usually, the back of the bus offers the best space for sightseeing. You are able to see the streets that the bus is approaching as well as the people that are on the bus. You can also see people who board the bus and people who get off the bus.

Be Aware of the Journey to Your Destination

When riding to your destination, you should observe the streets and landmarks along the journey. This is how you get to explore various areas of the city.  As an avid bus rider, this is how I got to know the entire city of Minneapolis Minnesota and Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I took bus rides over several weeks in all directions (N, S, E and W), taking in consideration the names of streets, landmarks, restaurants, businesses, schools and churches.

When you get to know a city, you can have assurance when it comes to getting recreational interests, including theaters, movies, art museums, lakefronts and shopping malls.  This knowledge of where you are at and where you want to go comes in handy if you are driving a car.

Types of Personalities Encountered along the Journey

Once you have become familiar with exploring the city, attempt to get to know some of your fellow bus riders. On any given bus ride, you will encounter all types of personalities. If you are a sociable individual or a people watcher, your journey will be very interesting,


The Gadget Addict

This person cannot take his attention off his smartphone. When she boards the bus, she is oblivious to everybody her surroundings. She constantly makes one call after the other or plays around with the various apps.  If you attempt to talk to her, your words might fall on deaf ears.

The Complainer

This type of bus rider is heard complaining about almost everything from his or her personal life, home life or workplace. They are usually non-self-conscious. They are oblivious to how people feel about their lot in life.

The Reformer

This individual tells you everything that is wrong in society and offers suggestions for change. The emphasis is on radical transformation of such aspects of society, including law enforcement, the community, the money system, and the US government.

Talking to this individual can be fun, especially if you have strong opinions on how things should be in an ideal world.

Most of your fellow bus riders are quiet observers. They appear to be uninterested in initiated conversations without a legitimate cause. However, many will welcome an interesting conversation from the person sitting next to them or just across the seat from them.

Riding the bus can be a fun experience when you see it as an adventure of discovery. In addition, you will be delighted in the fact that you have saved lots of money on gas and other necessities required by an automobile.