The New DC Universe Movie Review: Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice


When it comes to the much-anticipated movie, Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice, the avid Marvel’s fan has a lot to be excited and passionate about.  Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman display exceptional performances.

I had never read a Marvel comic in which Batman battered Superman, but the movie offered a fervently performed, well-acted fight scene.

The Fight Scene between the Marvel Giants

Part of the trigger that sets up the fight between Batman and Superman was Clark Kent’s problem with the strategy Batman used to bring justice to the enemies of Gotham.  Part of Batman’s strategy was to brand the enemy with the Batman symbol.

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This strategy may not be a favorite of traditional Batman fans.  Many critics resent Ben Affleck’s new Batman character for using what they would call less than honorable criminal-catching tactics.

However, both had doubts about each other’s intention when it comes to saving people and destroying their surroundings in the process. Innocent people were getting killed.

These misconceptions on the part of both Batman and Superman are what added tension toward the magnificent fight scene.  The battle rages back and forth.

But everyone knows that Henry Carvill’s Superman is much too invincible for Batman to kill without some equalizing weapon, which happens to be the predicable kryptonite. Kryptonite weakens Superman and diminishes his power to the level of a defeat-able foe.

In the movie, Superman is brought to a humble position (at the hands of Batman) before he regains his power as the most invincible Marvel character ever created.

Super Woman Holds Her Own

The entrance of Superwoman in the Batman vs. Superman gives the movie more personality and sets up Marvel fans for the much anticipated sequels in the coming years.

The appearance of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman to save Batman and to team up with Batman and Superman for the epic battle against the irradiated monster is the beginning of the coming Marvel sequels. In the anticipated sequels of the DC Universe, the Marvel characters will go to battle against evil forces deemed on destroying the world.

Although they work as a team against the monster, Wonder woman holds her own in the movie. She is not the pawn of ether Batman or Superman.

The Evil Lex Luthor

There is always an evil scientist who wants to rule the world. Lex Luthor is that scientist.  He was an evil, mad, manipulative inventor. He was obsessed with the alien wreckage and the krypton rock that was found in it.

His twisted obsession with getting Batman to fight Superman failed, so he fearlessly took the remains of a dead, evil krypton leader from the wreckage of a crashed alien ship, and created a giant mutant monster which continued to get stronger using the very fire power designed to destroy it.

It took the combined might of Superman, Wonder Women and Batman to defeat finally the nearly invincible creature. Without the sacrifice of Superman in the movie, the monster could not be stopped.

The Two Most Important Scenes Showing the Invincibility of Superman

The two most important scenes for me were the ones who demonstrated Superman’s invincibility. The first one happened at the United Nations. The blast (orchestrated by Lex Luthor) at the United Nations, devastated the surroundings but left Superman the only one standing.

The other interesting but devastated scene occurred in space. A nuclear explosion, directed at the monster and unfortunately, Superman, left the Superman momentarily dead and the monster more vibrant in strength and power than ever. However, Superman ( like the Wolverine in the X-men) supernaturally recovered from the neclear blast to finish the fight.

We can all agree that whenever Superman dies in the movie, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is only temporary.

The Weaknesses: The Build Up and Appearance of Future Characters

The weaknesses in the movie are few. For a non-avid DC Universe fan, the beginning may be a bit boring. It takes too long to reach the fight scenes.  However, when Superman corners Batman, the stage is set for the anticipated battle.

Another weakness may be the sudden appearance of future sequel characters such as Momoa’s Aqua man, Flash, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg as well as other Marvel characters. A new fan might get a little confused as these characters suddenly appear and then disappear.

The Bottom Line

Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice is an iconic movie is worth the wait. Watch this movie in 3D.   This suspenseful, DC oriented movie, whose characters stand for justice is the beginning of a sequence of fantastic DC Universe sequels which are about to rock the movie theaters for years to come.

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