Why winning at all Cost becomes the Wrong Approach to Happiness?


The act of winning at all cost is the perception that the only way to get ahead is to focus only on what you want and to attempt, by any means necessary,  to make your expectation a reality, regardless how much you might hurt or harm others along the journey.

However, running over people on your way to success has far more cons than pros.  People lose respect for those who don’t care about the well-being of others.  The downside is that when they eventually fail, overly aggressive people will find themselves abandoned and rejected by others who would normally come to their rescue.

The positive side of running over people is that you might get what you desire. The negative side is that you will not be fulfilled. The universe has a way of returning the consequences to those who do unethical things to get ahead.

I have witnessed many, both friends and enemies, who have fallen from grace after once seemingly gaining their material or selfish desires.   This reality is certain.  If you this game with the universe, it will play it back against you.

Stop immediately if you are a person who runs over others to get ahead. You will know whether or not you fit the profile of an overly aggressive person:  if your passion for a dream is so strong that you don’t care whose feelings you crush or whose condition you cause to worsen along the journey toward the success, you are in trouble.

If you are not an overly aggressive person, refuse to let the thirst for money and power derail your sense of decency.  Respect those who you encounter along the way toward the realization of your dreams and desires.

Avoid scandalizing the names of others in order to destroy their character or cause them to miss out on a lucrative promotion or a great opportunity.  People who hurt others in this way will find themselves at the other end of the scandal someday.

Instead of mistreating people in order to become the top man or woman, readjust your perception and demonstrate appreciation for every person you encounter, whether friend or foe.  You will reach the heights of acceptance and popularity quicker than you think.

People are attracted to those who express exceptional care for them. Such people leave everlasting memories wherever they go.  The expression of sincere kindness for the well-being of your co-workers will go a long way toward qualifying you for the level of success and happiness you desire.

Winning at all cost is a mistake. This negative activity becomes a curse to those who don’t take heed.  You miss out on the most important aspect of life:  making a difference in the lives of others, including family, friends, and strangers.




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