How to Become a Superstar Hairstylist


Becoming a superstar hairdresser or hairstylist is a must if you desire to excel in this competitive field.  Superstar hairdressers or hairstylist have mastered their craft and have pleased their customers very well.

Making customers feel comfortable is the key to becoming a great hairstylist.  Superstar hairstylist, greet their clients with a gracious smile at every scheduled appointment. This response can put the customer in a good mood, especially if they are having a bad day.

Becoming a Superstar Hairstylist

The road to becoming a superstar hairstylist begins with selecting the right barber or cosmetology program.  This decision is important.  The cosmetology or Barbara program must be state approved to qualify you for taking the licensing exam.

The training and education for a hairdresser usually last nine months. After the program is completed, you are free to take the exam for licensing.

Duties and Responsibilities

Hairdressers perform a variety of duties, including discussing hairstyle options, washing and conditioning hair, dying and coloring hair as well as cutting and styling hair. Students enrolled in cosmology programs are trained in a variety hairstyling methods.

Hairdressers must continue to upgrade their knowledge to stay relevant.  New trends are always emerging year after year.  In a competitive field, your goal is to stand out from the crowd.

The more skills you have, the better for your quest to become a superstar. You may even go on to become a cosmetologist. A cosmetologist can recommend the right treatment after a careful examination of hair, skin, and scalp.

Special Qualities Needs

Outstanding hairdressers must possess unique qualities to maintain long-term success in the hairdressing industry.  These qualities include good listening skills, a superb customer service approach, the ability to manage time, neatness in appearance, and physical stamina for long periods of standing and moving around clients.

Standing out from the Crowd

When it comes to becoming a superstar hairdresser, you must be willing to develop a unique character of making a difference in other people’s life.  You can do this in a several ways.

#1  Show concern for Client’s Personal Life

Asking your clients about how life is treating them, how are their children or how they are feeling sets the stage for possible encouragement, inspiration, and advice. Clients may feel uncomfortable taking advice from you initially, but as they begin to gain trust in you as a genuine and caring person, they will accept your tips.

Going Beyond Hairstyling

Making a difference in your client’s life goes beyond styling their hair. Week after week you should look forward to communicating with them just to see how life is treating them.  This interest from you will keep them coming back time and time again.

Superstar hairdressers get to know their clients personally. The money and the popularity come as a by-product of making your customers fee number one.

#2 Offer discounts to Clients

If you own you own beauty shop, find ways to offer special deals to long time clients, or those who have been loyal to you from the start. Show them that you appreciate their loyalty.

How much can You Make

Unless you own your hairstyling and beauty salon, you will probably make a starting hourly wage of $11.50 an hour along with tips from your clients.

A great hairstylist can make up to $27.00 or more an hour, depending on how popular they have become with major clients, including famous athletes and celebrities.

Therefore, it is important to establish a good reputation with as many clients as you possibly can. The money is tied up in your relationship with your customers.

It may take hard work and commitment, but your dream of becoming a superstar hairstylist is bound to be well worth the wait as perfect your craft and gain in popularity.

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