How to Please Your Clients and Become a Superstar Barber


New faces, interesting conversations, and well-pleased customers are the hallmarks of working as a superstar’s hair Barber.  Have you ever dreamed of entering this wonderful world of hair cutting and styling?  If you have, then the tips presented in this article are for you.

At any one place and time, hundreds of men (or women) in your area are thinking about getting their haircut to look well-groom and trimmed.  They will be trusting in the Barber down the street to fulfill this need on a weekly or monthly basis.

Qualifications for Becoming a Hair Barber

The qualification for becoming a Barber requires an age limit of 16 years or older with a graduate degree from the high school. To obtain a license you will have to graduate from a state-approved cosmetology program.  While in postsecondary, you will participate in programs that teach you how to do hairstyling, skincare, and other appearance-altering services.

An individual pursuing a degree in a hairstyling or cosmetology program will usually complete the program over a period of 9 months.


A Barber can either work full-time or part-time and usually make a minimal of $11.95 an hour. Barber Shop workers are often tipped for their service. Therefore, to receive a steady flow of tips, you must master your craft to the utmost.

Barbers, who own their own business,  know that they must continue to perfect their craft if they desire to rise above the competition down the street.  You must be familiar with the different haircut styles and trends that often change from year to year.

The Workplace

The Barbershop is a place where mostly men gather and take about sports, politics or something else which is circling town. Usually, the atmosphere is very live and interestingly chatty.

Barber shops must make sure the work environment is safe, well-lighted and organized so that customers will keep coming back as well as invite others.

Number One Trait

One of the most important traits a Barber can have is love for the customers.  Without love for customers, you will always be successful. When you love your customers, they will know it because you will don everything within your power to please them.


The second, the most important trait is creativity. Without a creativity mentality, you will not be able to please customers who might desire an exotic hair cut or facial.  Other qualities include physical stamina for long standing; communication skills to interact professionally with clients; customer-service skills to help resolve problems and make customers feel welcomed.

Look and Smell Good

Two other important factors include keeping up with personal appearance and hygiene. No customer wants to be sitting beside a Barber who smells or who is so disorganized that he cannot find the proper clippers to cut hair.

Becoming a superstar Barber is an exciting and adventurous career. Changing people appearances for the good and leaving them well –satisfied should cause you to experience accelerated recognitions and a growing customer base.  Happy Barbering!

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