The Milling Machine: A Godsend for the Woodworking Crafts Maker


By using an advanced milling machine, woodworkers, who once used a hammer and chisel to form and shape a block of wood into a work of art, can now perform the same work with ease. Woodworking crafts is a highly skilled form of art dating back to ancient civilization. Evidence of woodworking is found carved on the walls of caves and ancient tombs in Egypt and elsewhere. Since then, the craft of woodworking has dramatically evolved due to the invention of the milling machine.


Computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling machines possess a set of unique cutting tools designed to create intricate patterns in various wood materials. Besides manual operation, the entire milling job can be performed by specialized computer software. Since this type of milling machine is able to refer motion directions to a router, woodworkers can give their machine step by step instructions, resulting in the production of nearly any wood pattern.

Mill Cutters

In order to carve wood with intricate design features, the machine mill utilizes a number of milling cutters, including plain mill cutters, corner rounding mill cutters, dovetail mill cutters, four fluted end mill cutters, ball end mill cutters and two fluted end mill cutters. These cutters are designed to automatically cut gears, produce slots, drill and bore holes in any piece of wood stock. Woodworkers will discover that such tools make the hammer and chisel obsolete.


One advantage of machine mills is that it allows the woodworker to create a mass number of the same woodcraft patterns over and over again. The old way of creating the same woodcraft involved a laborious and repetitive work. All the wood- craft maker has to do is properly set up the machine and watch it produce hundreds of identical woods patterns. With a chisel and hammer, this process would have taken months if not years.

Ease of Use

Woodworkers will have little difficulty operating this machine. Even if she possesses a limited number of skills, all she is required to do is load the machine and receive the finished product. The computerized software that translates wood pattern ideas into designs to be produced by the machine mill makes her job that much easier. The bottle line is that, with a machine mill, a woodworker will be able double or triple the number of woodworking crafts he would normally make during the course of a day.

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