Love Thou Husband: How to Create Appreciative Moments for Your Alpha Male


If you sense that your obligation to your children or to your business is making your husband act distant toward you, maybe it’s time to change your routine and arrange a series of appreciative moments that he will always remember.

Building appreciative moments must become a lifestyle in order to keep a relationship full of life, love, and energy. Moments of appreciation keeps a sense of newness and progress in relationships. You can show your man appreciation in a variety of ways.

Game tickets

Purchase him a game ticket to see his favorite sports team. If your man loves sports, whether baseball, basketball or football, why not buy him a ticket to see the team he’s wild about. You can even join him if you like. Showing your appreciation this way lets him know you care about his entertainment and recreational life. Watch him while he looks at his favorite team. Is there a favorite game he’s waiting to see? Buy him a ticket to see that game. Buy two tickets, one for him and one for a friend if you are unable to watch the game with him. He will most likely appreciate the experience for a long time.


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Appreciation Party

Invite selective friends and family over for an appreciation party arranged just for your special man. You can have everyone to bring an appreciation gift. You want your man to know that he is appreciated for caring for you and protecting you and making you feel special. Showing appreciation for your man on such a grand scale will create memories that will last forever. He will know that you are not afraid to let the world know that he’s yours.


Body Message

Give him a body message. There is something therapeutic about a woman’s hand touching a man’s body. Your hands have the power to put him at ease and make him feel a sense of wonder. Prepare a soft quiet space in some area of your home where the both of you will not be interrupted especially if you have kids around. Many couples take the children to stay with a relative or friend whenever they desire to spend quality time together. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your time spent messaging him is uninterrupted. After all, you never know where this seductive gesture will lead.

Special Dinner

Treat your man to a special dinner. You may want this special event to happen at home or at his favorite restaurant. If at home, make sure the two of you are alone. Make sure the table is decorated and the lights are dimmed. Write him a romantic letter and place it at his seat before he gets home from work. Let him know how much you appreciate him for his devotion to you and the children. You may also want to wear a favorite dress or outfit that takes his heart away. This is how you build special moments of appreciation in your marriage or relationships.

Romantic Bedroom Moment

A romantic bedroom moment is a private time you set aside to play out your romantic fantasies for one another. The ideas and role-playing are endless. Give him permission to express everything he desires toward you. Be submissive as possible. If you have not spent much intimate time with one another in the romantic arena due to other commitment, such as work and children, this is the time. The romantic bedroom moment is the moment you will give him that will make him feel like the king he has always envisioned himself to be.
Building special moments of appreciation will go a long way in strengthening your relationship. If you wait to express appreciation your man when things are perfect in your life or after the children grow up, your man might wonder how much you care for him. Finding time for one another is a must if the relationship is going to mature. Constant communication and memorable activities that represent your love and devotion to him will most likely keep the relationship on fire.

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