Starting a Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program


Starting a certified nursing assistance training program is a noble initiative.  A certified nursing assistant can serve in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, healthcare agencies, in addition to nursing home facilities. But in opening a nursing aid program you must take many things to take into consideration. Many guidelines must be followed to turn your program into a certified reality.

Things You’ll Need
Computer Access

Business Plan, forms, and documents

Networking system, contacts


Proper Facilities

• Accreditation

• Trained Staff

• Enthusiastic nursing aid prospects

The reputation of your company will always depend on the kind of nursing students you produce. The prospective student should be committed, caring, and full of patience. Reports of verbal and physical abuse against the elderly and disabled are constantly in the news.

Therefore, background checks, track records, work ethics, and references must be considered recruiting students.  It is important to have a training manual and curriculum in place that meets state requirements for training nursing aids. Otherwise, your nursing aids cannot be certified. Most training will involve classroom time, on-the-job training, manual review, computer software use, and other equipment such as audio and visual presentations dealing with patient handling and care.

In order for a nursing assistance to get certified, the nursing aid program must be in alignment with the state standards. The accreditation process consists of an application and self-evaluation report from the program coordination, usually while state medical inspectors are on site. Several other document forms may be required such as program training manuals, statements, and business plans.

Choosing the right facility is very important. There are several issues to consider when establishing a facility, such as insurance and licensing as well as the amount of space needed for classrooms, training equipment, including beds, audio, and visual software as well as other relevant technology needed for the nursing aid program.

Grants are the most valuable funding to go after. In addition to state and local government agencies, grants come from a variety of other sources such as private foundations. These include businesses and churches. Furthermore, unlike loans, grants don’t have to be repaid.

Develop a good business identity in order to separate your nursing aid program from others. Discover a marketing idea that offers greater benefits than the competition. In doing this you will rise above the competition. Distribute business cards, brochures, and flyers.
Make sure you have created a sound record-keeping system for your nursing aid program. Keep financial statements, annual reports, tax documents, and all student record available in case your program comes under legal investigation for any reason. When in business, there is always a possibility for someone to file a lawsuit against you.

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