A Father’s Protective Presence: Five Compelling Roles of a Great Dad in the Home


A father’s protective presence provides guidance, empowerment, and mentorship to his family.If the mother is the ruler of the family, the father is the foundation and chief corner stone. He plays many roles, some major and some minor.

Strong nations, communities, and neighborhoods are made of strong families with a father in the home.  They are protected from hurt, harm, and danger, with his life if necessary.

Real fathers challenge their children to be strong and successful in their life and affairs. As a father of several children, I believe that the following five roles are the most crucial ones a father should undertake.

As a Stabilizer

One of the most significant provisions of a father’s protective presence is stability within the home. The threats from society and the environment are constant factors in the daily grind. Many homes are in chaos with both parents struggling to make ends meet and where little time is spent with the children.

father's protective presence

Therefore, society has become a place where older children raise the younger ones. Because of these challenges, the father, and his guidance are all the more needed to establish stability. His effect upon his family will last a lifetime.

As a Protector

A man’s wife and family must feel protected from the outside world. Who can feel secure if the threat of a home invasion is an ever looming nightmare? The father must be the first one to step out and take the blow, bullet, or whatever weapon is thrown toward the family. Every child should see their father as a personal superman and the father should reinforce this idea with words of comfort and protection.

As an Enabler

One of the most wonderful investments a father can make is that of raising strong and successful children. When children are raised by committed fathers, the possibility of success and positive growth are much higher than that of children raised by irresponsible fathers. This is not to say that children, who are raised without fathers are not successful, but the rate of success in children is greater in homes where fathers are available.

Courage and confidence are the gifts a father gives to a son or daughter who believes in him. Because children are great observers, they are always watching their parents and learning new lessons about life. Therefore, the most important thing fathers can show is a good pattern of character and optimism regarding life. The life of the father is like an open book in which children read each day, month, and year. Therefore, we as fathers must be inspired to write the best book possible.

As a Provider

The father needs to be able to provide the bare necessities for his family despite the state of the economy. Food, clothing, and shelter should be the first priority for a father and his family. As long as the job is honorable, a father should be willing to do whatever it takes to take care of his family. Job type doesn’t matter if the job is a respectable one. Even office cleaning jobs are honorable if a father does it for the sake of providing for his family. There is no shame is doing any job. A man must simply produce for his family.

As a Disciplinarian

Children must be redirected many times throughout childhood. The father should be the natural disciplinary of the family. Children must overcome bad habits that may result in lifelong consequences. Disrespect, selfishness, poor performance, lying, cheating, and stealing need to be disciplined out of a child if necessary. Although many wonderful mothers have done well in raising their children without fathers, discipline is primarily a responsibility of the father if he is the head of the home.

The father, through various disciplinary methods, must make it clear to his children that bad habits and behavior will lead to a defeated life. Therefore, fathers must take away privileges such as allowances, games, and leisure time for a child to get the message. Other times light physical discipline must be administered such as spankings.

The goal of fathers is to prevent their children from getting into trouble and help them become successful contributors to society. Fathers must realize that their children are a reflection of them.

Raising Respectable Children

Therefore, they must take delight in raising respectable and honorable children.
The importance of the father to the family cannot be overstated. In today’s hard economic times it takes both parents to make ends meet. The father’s role in the family is the utmost important. Children are seeking someone strong to model themselves after. If children, especially boys, don’t see strength and courage in the father, they might just find it in gangs and crime and other temptations that society frown upon. Therefore, because of the great influence of the father upon the family unit, fatherhood should be an honor to all fathers.

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