Looking for a Good Man: Gorgeousness Is Only Skin Deep


A gorgeous man is a specimen of physical attractiveness. Everywhere he goes, his well-groomed appearance brings him recognition and reward. The woman of his dreams is proud to belong to him. He is confident. The impact of his presence as he walks into a room changes the atmosphere. He carries himself with an air of sophistication and is a delight to all the women.

The Handsome Man Myth

His voice charms them with compliments and pleasantries. He is in full control. His woman is passionate about him. He sweeps her off her feet. Thoughts of him flood her mind night and day. She believes that she is a true Cinderella. Well, think again! Divorces are sky high due to these kinds of romantic thoughts.
Many women continue to believe that a handsome man is a ticket to paradise. False! If you believe in the Cinderella hype, you may have big hopes in finding this type of man. But you must consider the number of heartbreaks that has occurred due to such romantic wishing. “Beauty, love, and happily ever after “are words and phrases that are ingrained in the mind of American culture.

The Curse of the Cinderella Complex

Unfortunate, the relationships of many women, both ordinary and famous, crash and burn because of the Cinderella complex. Speaking of famous, the world has witnessed the constant breakups of famous people such as the R&B music stars Rihanna and Chris Brown as well as other high profile celebrities. The fact is that the handsome man obsession brings disappointment on every level.

Chasing an Illusion
Don’t spend most of your life chasing an illusion. Life is too short. Let me tell you a secret: just by being a woman makes you special. You have just what a good man needs love. If you spend half of your life chasing men based on their degree of gorgeousness, you will meet time and time again with disappointment. Therefore, for the sake of your precious time, you may want to consider changing your perspective.
There is nothing wrong with having a gorgeous looking man if he proves to be a good man. But if you have been meeting with heartbreak after heartbreak in your relationships with handsome men, you may want to reconsider what you are looking for: a good man or a handsome man.

The Good Man

The best man for you may be the very one who has admired you for years. He only seems to be a friend, but he is wild about you. He’s there on a dime whenever you need him. He may not dress in stunning suits and ties when he is winning and dinning you. Yet when it comes to wooing you like a queen, he is like a great diamond around your finger. He will stay faithful forever. His name may not evoke an image of an ideal man, such as Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, but he is the perfect man for you. In fact, he is your ordinary Joe, James, and John. Yet, for years, you have been his favorite idol.

He Will Make Your Life Extraordinary

A good man may not have much money, but he knows how to make you feel extraordinarily wonderful. His love is like the security of silver and gold. It will last a lifetime, faithful and full of devotion. Your lover may not turn heads of many people but he will promote honor and respect according to how he treats you. Soon you’ll have other women wishing they were in your shoes.
Therefore, the most significant choice you can make is to allow a good man a chance to love you. He may not show you a pattern of sharp grooming or dressing. These things are shallow. Let him love you in his own way. If he wants to take you out wearing jeans and a tee shirt, let him do it. You must consider his spirit, not his appearance. The bottom line is that you should love the man that has been chasing and admiring you. Love him for who he is. And he will show you love, respect, and freedom, always.


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