7 Precautions for a Safe Wedding Honey Moon

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After a great, memorable wedding, it is time for the honeymoon. You are extremely excited to get away on a romantic adventure. However, before you go, you want to make sure that you won’t return home to a chaotic condition. To protect your money, house and reputation, make sure you take care of all your responsibilities before your leave.

This is extremely important. The joy of many newlyweds has been extinguished upon coming home to find out that all that they have worked for and all their future expectations have completed diminished all because they didn’t take the necessary precautions before leaving.
The following precautions should be taken:

The Bills

Make sure all your bills are paid. Your credit is important not only during your honeymoon but for life after marriage. Missing bill payments will damage your credit and dampen the joy of your honeymoon forever. So don’t leave home without going over all your bills and handling those which might double if not paid on time.

The Mail
Once you have paid the bills, get your mail temporarily held until you return. You don’t want to come home and find your tiny mailbox stuffed with mail. Warning: mail which is not held can be stolen by thieves who are watching your home while you are away. They can steal your name and identity, ruining your life forever.

The Job Sir!

Unless you are a millionaire, you can’t afford to lose your job, so have someone cover for you while you are enjoying paradise. You don’t want to return home to find work piled up to the ceiling or find out that you need to consult workman’s compensation. You want to know that your job is secure and waiting for your return. So talk to co-workers that are willing to give you this favor.

Where Are You?

Don’t dare go off on a honeymoon without informing others of your whereabouts! This is crucial. So much unexplained events are happening in the world. People come up missing without a trace every day. Let others know exactly where you will be, in case you take a wrong turn. At least, you will have others looking for you if the unthinkable occurs.

Leave emergency contact information with your family. Tell them to contact you every day. A personal phone number, a phone number of the place at which you will be arriving, the time of your arrival, and the address you will be living at are all important information others should know. This is not the time to be secretive. Make your whereabouts known. Keep your smartphone charged up at all times.

Please Watch My House

Get a trusted family member or neighbor to keep an eye on your home. People are always watching you, some of which do not have your best interest in mind. You don’t want to return home after a heavenly honeymoon and find that you have been cleaned out. You are not trying to lose. You are trying to gain.

Leave the Pets Room to Play

If you have pets, have someone check on them. Give them plenty of kennel space so that they can run around freely and play. Dogs and cats don’t need to feel trapped in a small cage in which they cannot turn around without great distress. Give them a fair amount of space in which they can jump around and burn calories. Animals need exercise too.

How Much Should We Spend?

Last but not least, go to lengths to figure out your honeymoon budget, you don’t want to spend case without restraint, and as a result, run out of money. This could be disastrous: stranded in a place without money to pay your bills. What a way to experience a honeymoon? No. Your romantic adventure doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you set up an effective budget.

Once you have done all the above, you should feel quite safe and secure to venture off with your partners to places where fairy tells are made. A honeymoon should be a memorable joy every time you think of it.