Criteria for Effective Wedding Planning

Planning a great wedding is undoubtedly stressful. You must bring many things to pass in order to make this day into a reality. But this is your dream wedding. In order to make the most of it, you must enjoy the planning as well. Here are several initiatives you must take to avoid major unhappiness and make that special day shine.

You’ll need initiative and focus.

First, in order to avoid a cash drought near or on your wedding day, establish a good budget. Know exactly what you need. If you know what kind of wedding event you desire, you must have the finances to bring it into a reality. You don’t want to run out of money the week before the wedding. Such an unfortunate event will do nothing but add to your stress.

Don’t leave your spouse in the dark regarding the type of wedding you desire. Two financial planners are better than one.

Figure out a budget to which you both can contribute without going bankrupt. Allow enough time for the budget to materialize. Don’t go spending money on a diamond engagement ring that you don’t have, an unwise decision that could prove disastrous. You can find some great inexpensive diamond engagement rings for under $1000. Remember it is the love that the diamond engagement ring expresses that matters.

Determine a day and time for the wedding. Do this one thing before you even start planning for a wedding! It is important that no uncertainty exists within the decision to marry. Many couples who were not clear on whether or not they wanted to get married, wasted lots of money preparing for that day, only to discover that marriage wasn’t in their best interest at the time.

Find a location with sufficient space, lighting, and equipment such as chairs and tables. An appropriate church sanctuary would be great, but you may prefer to have your wedding in a union hall, a theater, a community center or even a courtyard outdoors, if the weather permits.

A location is important because you don’t want your guest to have to squeeze through the Isles just to get around. This would not only be inconvenient to them but it will also be embarrassing to you as well.
Hire a professional photography. There are many picture takers but not many photographers at a wedding. Taking snapshots on a smartphone is insufficient. Great wedding pictures are made by those who go beyond mere point and shoot photographs. Good photography comes through skill, experience and good timing during the wedding. Great pictures originate from those who know how to manipulate a camera to capture the most intriguing shots.

Moreover, don’t forget the DJ. Know what kind of music you desire your guest to experience. For example, if the guests are inclined to country music, let the majority of the songs be country. If your guests are mainly hip hop, make sure you excite the crowd with the voices of hip-hop stars such as Rhianna, Drake, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, and the like.

However, if your wedding guests is a diverse group, you should hire a DJ who can mix it up so that everyone can have a good time. A good DJ knows how to entertain a crowd regardless of the many different cultures at the reception party.

As far as the wedding cake, shop around. Do some tasting to see what flavor you want your guest to experience? Visit grocery stores, bakeries, as well as the internet for wedding cake specialty stores in your city or town. The important thing is to pick the right style of cake, a decision that only you can make as the special day nears.

A wedding celebration isn’t random. There must be a theme that helps you decide the invites and the decorations. For example, if you want a hip hop theme, you will design the wedding to mirror a hip hop lifestyle, including having guest dress in hip hop clothing and play hip hop music. Whatever wedding you choose, every other factor, including the appearance of the cake, must reflect this theme.

Never panic when planning for your dream wedding, even if it looks like things will not turn out the way that you desire. Often what many brides think will be a horror film, turn out to be much better than they ever dreamed possible. If you have done your work up until that day, don’t worry. Let the universe take care of the rest. It rewards those who have done the best to make things great.

Have fun planning your wedding. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by listening to people who are really not doing you any favors. They are complainers. Don’t allow these people to take away your joy and great expectations for the one and a life time affair.