It’s A Trump World! What Are You Going to Do About It?

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Women protested across the globe, from Berlin to London and from Chicago to Washington D.C. Their goal is to send a stern message to the new Commander and Chief: Donald Trump. The message is that women are strong, powerful and deserving of respect, equality, and freedom of choice.

These global demonstrations geared toward the offensive rhetoric and lofty ideas of Donald Trump cannot be denied and will go a long way in pressuring him to make the appropriate decisions regarding the rights and respect of women across the globe.

The purpose of this article is to show the unified power of democracy in operation: the right for the people to express their ideas without fear of reprisals or being locked up and forgotten in some dingy, God-forsaken jail.

Thank God for America!

However, the massive demonstrations are only the beginning of thousands more to come.  Millions are entrenched, showing readiness to resist the radical ideas of Donald Trump until the end. His ideas regarding immigration, building a wall, repealing Obama Care and possibly leaving millions without healthcare, are setting off major alarms among the people.

Background of Campaign

Eight months ago, a businessman and reality star’s drive for president started out as an impossibility but now has become an unprecedented reality. President Donald Trump won by a landslide, shockingly defeated his bitter rival: Hillary Clinton.

Although Donald’s campaign rhetoric was littered with slander, arrogance, and gross disrespect of a variety of people and situations, this activity didn’t prevent him from winning the presidency.  Therefore, whether he is likable or not, He is the leader of the free world and must be accepted and given a chance to prove himself.

Mystery and Uncertainty

A Trump World is one that is full of mystery and uncertainty.  Each day may present the world with a surprise that boggles the imagination.  Trump is unpredictable.  However, the people asked for such unpredictable president because of the inability of the traditional Washington establishment to make America Great again.  People believe that new president can deliver on this promise.

Women Issues

In a Trump world, will all citizens feel welcomed?  Will women get the respect, equality, and freedom of choice they so often fight for? Will the president acknowledge their call for respect and appreciation?  Only the future will tell.

Obama Care

In a Trump world, people are no longer obligated to pay a penalty for not signing up for the Affordable Care Act.  The promise is to replace it with a better plan that will serve the needs of all Americans.

The Wall

In a Trump world, the great wall along the Mexican border is built, preventing illegal immigrants from crossing the border.  The promise is to keep all criminal elements out of the country and send the criminal elements already in the country back across the border.


In a Trump world, people believe that the economy can thrive again. The promise is to keep jobs from going overseas and to create millions of new jobs.


In a Trump world, people no longer have to worry about their lives being tormented by the fear of terrorism. The promise is to eradicate radical Islam from the face of the earth.

Violence & Gangs

In a Trump World, the streets will be safe for walking anywhere with fear of being robbed or shot. The promise is to get rid of the gangs and the gun violence once and for all.

What does a Trump World mean to you?  Are you optimistic enough to give Donald Trump a chance to govern the nation or do you possess a pessimistic view of the future?  This is a choice you can only make.

It’s a Trump World! But standing up against injustice and bad values will go a long way in making a difference in your city or community.






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