Letting Go of False Beliefs about Love and Relationships


Great relationships are something everyone craves, even if they spend their entire lifetime living alone. Many have giving up on relationships because none of them even worked out in their lives. So they have decided not to seek out meaningful relationships due to the misconceptions they have developed against people over time. They still desire to meet people but just don’t know how to manage relationships anymore.

If this is you, you can still meet people and create great relationships but you must be willing to release the misconceptions you have about them and risk again. The following tips will provide the insights for success.

Relationships Just Don’t Happen

Idleness is a curse to any hope of progress. Great relationships just don’t happen. You have to go out and meet people or you will remain in a world of loneliness. When you stay in constant isolation your spirit shrinks and depression takes hold. Believing that the relationships are going to come to you without effort will delay your opportunities for meeting new and exciting people.

You avoid this trap by stepping into your fears, feeling them and moving past them. Each time you do this, you grow stronger and your fears become less of a hindering factor. People love to see your vulnerability. This alone attracts them to you. I used to be the shy kid at school. I hardly made any friends for fear of rejection. Little did I understand that because I was rejecting myself, other people didn’t have a chance to get to know me

In my adult life, I finally understand that progress in any area means going against the things that most frighten you. You may feel awkward and uncomfortable meeting people face to face. However, this is the price you must pay for finding good friendship.

Accept the Fact that Relationships can Fall Apart

When you find a great relationship, enjoy it with all you might. Nothing lasts forever. This includes relationships as well. They sometimes fall apart. People move out of your life for various reasons, including relocation, jealousy, dishonesty, and an array of other unfortunate events.

To avoid being devastated by a relationship ending, know that it could all be over tomorrow. So take advantage of today to tell and show a friend or a spouse that you appreciate them.

Relationships are Never a One-Sided Affair

Another thing you should keep in mind is that a relationship is never one-sided. You have to give to them relationship as well as the one you admire. If you sense your friend or spouse giving more than you, then this is your opportunity to reciprocate. Friendship becomes a burden when it remains one-sided. In all my relationships, I try to make it a 50/50 affair. You must also do this if you desire to avoid abusing your relationship.
The hallmark of a great relationship of any kind happens when we make our spouse, friend or neighbor’s happiness our number one priority. When you adapt this kind of mentality, you are always thinking about the other rather than thinking about yourself.
These three misconceptions regarding relationships must be irradiated in order to meet new people and form meaningful

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