Planning a Fairy Tale Style Wedding without Exhausting Yourself

The stress of worrying about your highly anticipated wedding turning out perfect can be very daunting, confusing and overwhelmingly stressful and exhausting.

Therefore, you should avoid making the mistake of trying to do it all by yourself. What you must do is enlist others to participate in the quest for the perfect fairy tale wedding day battle. Follow these tips designed to reduce the stress on your special day.

Involve the Others

Don’t shy away from asking in-laws and friends to take on the catering and food responsibilities. If you have friends or family who knows someone in the culinary arts, you have a bonus. Perhaps they can recommend a great catering service. The goal is to get people involved. All the stress of getting things organized shouldn’t be on you.

What about the Bridesmaid?

Get the bridesmaid to send out all the invitations, receive and take care of all the responses regarding guest. It takes a great deal of time to gather information from family and friends, print names and addresses, design invitations, and mail them out. If the bridesmaid or someone else could do this, let them.

The Groom & the Best Man: Are They Good for Something?

Tuxedo rentals should belong to the groom. Let him and the best man handle this responsibility. Two heads are better than one, especially if your groom isn’t business savvy. You may have to give him some pointers, but that’s ok. It will be one less responsibility to worry about.

May They All Be Seated

Let a family member delegate the seating arrangements. Attempting this yourself can be overwhelming, considering all the other things you have to do and think about. They can check with you to get your thoughts if you prefer, but let them ultimately decide the outcome of the seating arrangements. They can find books, videos, and DVDs on how to effectively set the wedding party

Leave It to the Professionals

Leave the most significant wedding details to the professional, a group that includes the wedding coordinator, the photography, the DJ and the ceremonial host. Your goal is to have a stress free wedding that will allow you to enjoy the moment without thinking if you made the right moves in terms of organizing the wedding. Besides, if something goes wrong, you don’t have to blame yourself. You have a possible scapegoat. (Not that you desire this)

Don’t Keep the Bed Waiting for You

Relax the night before your fairy tale wedding. Don’t stay up late trying to get a last minute task done. You want to feel joy, energy, and clarity on your special day. Getting a good night’s sleep enables you to wake up refreshed and ready to receive the gift of marriage.
The benefits gained by getting others involved are everlasting. Working together as a wedding team creates intimacy, a sense of making a difference, and a greater anticipation for that wonderful day in the lives of all involved.