10 Crazy Ideas about Wives that Husbands Normally Think are True


Unfortunately, Millions of men find themselves on the immature side of life. Once they get married and attempt to retain the ideas about their wives which they learned while single, they are usually dumbfounded. But fortunately, when they clash with the truth about women, they become wiser and mature than ever before. Read these 10 crazy ideas about women which men normally think is true.

I am smarter than my wife

Who told you this? Oh Man! Remember the times when you were about to make a big mistake, but because of the words of your wife, you thought about it and changed your mind, no matter how reluctantly.

Men are stronger than women when under pressure

Ha Ha! Who says so? I have seen women catch bats straight out of the sky when men ran away like weaklings. I know women who can handle snakes with ease, pick up rats by the tail with complete calmness, and I have even seen some women swim with sharks. Unfortunate, I have seen men with muscles run away from these challenges.


I am less emotional than my wife

How do you know this? False! The only difference between you and your wife when it comes to emotions is that she expresses her feelings outwardly and you, my dear fellow, suppresses your emotions and as a consequence, lives less longer. Studies don’t have to tell you that men keep their emotions bottled up within them out of shame and embarrassment, and most of all, pride.
It is a weak man who cannot express his emotions. Can you dig that!

My wife needs me for protection

Sure she does, but only in your dreams. Women are in a better position today to take care of themselves. Women can receive defensive training at any time, and on many occasions, and if they really wanted to, they could legally carry a gun. Some women are even physical strong enough to disarm men and send them screaming like a wounded dog. So don’t flatter yourself too Man!

Men are the breadwinners

Give me a break! Wake up man! It is the 21st century. Now women bring home the bacon and bread and then turn around and cook it. The roles have changed. Many men stay home, clean the floor look after the children, feed them and wash the dishes. Well, welcome to the woman’s world.

I am the only man for my wife

Ha Ha Ha! You’ll never know. But your wife always has a secret admirer out there somewhere. In fact, she may have several. So when you are feeling non-appreciative or non-complimentary, don’t think that her world is falling apart. She may rather have you verbal honor but she can live without it. So watch out! Don’t become leftovers.

Women are more materialistic than men

What! Where is the definitive evidence? I know of men who have six cars in the driveway, a big collection of model train sets, 50 pair of shoe and 90 suits in the closet. Men can spend tens of thousands of dollars just customizing their automobiles, and of course, their man cave. Don’t forget sports, bar hops and weekend splurges with friends.

I am physically stronger than my Wife

Do you think you Are! Well, many men are surprised when this deceptive advantage doesn’t work. Some women can go toe to toe with men and win the battle. Women can also hit you in places that will send you tumbling to your knees screaming for help. And who cares if most men are physically stronger than men, there are so many equalizers which women can take advantage of.

I am glad my wife is not a lazy home wife

So you think that women who are staying at home wives are lazy! Is that what I hear? Well, why don’t you stand in her shoes? Start cleaning the house, cooking for the family, washing the clothes, taking care of a husband, cleaning diapers, working up at 3 A.M in the morning and doing it all over again on a consistent basis. Just because she is a home wife, doesn’t make a woman lazy.

My wife talks too much

Big deal! This is because you are not really listening. If you showed genuine attention to what she is saying, then maybe she wouldn’t constantly attempt to get your attention. The problem is that you think too much, including her out of your world. Your mind may be on sports, friends or something really creepy.

Men, now that you know where maturity starts, it’s time to work up and give women their due. Appreciate them more by listening to them and always letting them know that you will always be by their side, come what may.


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