What Happened to Milwaukee? Taking a Closer Look at Midwest City in Constant Decline

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The goal of any city is to move forward toward growth and prosperity. An inviting city can attract people from all across the globe. Just take a look a New York. People love to come to exciting cities where great things are happening and where people can participate in fun activities.

What makes a city pleasurable are a number of things, including high employment, thriving businesses, new entrepreneur opportunities, exciting places to go, including museums, art centers, zoos, festivals and nightlife attractions.

These factors are extremely important for city development.  If these factors are neglected, a city cannot be progressive at all.

High Employment

People flock to a city where employment is on the rise because it is a sign of success. Millions of skillful Americans who are unemployed are looking to move to places where they can find work and settle down with their families. Milwaukee, where I have lived practically all my life, once had a pretty decent employment status. People worked in major companies, including Johnson Controls, Allen Bradly, Blue Cross Blue Shield and much more.

Thriving Businesses

Fortune 500 businesses can take a city to the national spotlight. Business excellence is what attracts top CEO talents and brilliant executives to a city. The more that new businesses open, thrive and grow toward excellence, the more chances the unemployment rate will skydive.

Unfortunately, most major businesses which were the backbone of Milwaukee have shut down and moved elsewhere, living the city in an oppressive state and unemployment at all times high.

Entrepreneur Opportunities

The level of entrepreneurship in any city is a sign of prosperity. Anywhere that people have money to spend, you can find a group of entrepreneurs who are attempting to introduce new ideas. Milwaukee was once a place where an entrepreneur could come and introduce new products and services which enhanced the lives of the citizens of Milwaukee.

Special  Events and  Entertainment

Because of the lack of unemployment all the attractions that make a city exciting are suffering for lack of visitations. Museums, art centers, and festivals are not as successful in attracting people as in years past when people had money to spend.

We can all agree that when people stop spending money, the economy in any place suffers a recession. Milwaukee is in a deepening recession which is getting worse as the month’s pass. Some festivals, including African Fest, no longer appear on the list of summer festivals.

Political Bureaucracy

What happened to Milwaukee and why is it declining instead of progressing? One of the biggest obstacles to a progressive Milwaukee is its governor: Scot Walker.

Let’s start with voting. Scott Walker has passed legislations that make ID voting the most difficult in America, the aim of which is to suppress voter turnout and increase partisan advantage for Republicans. In doing so, he has made it more difficult for him and other republicans to be voted out of office.

This governor blocked many important initiatives which could have sustained jobs or created jobs for the citizens of this city.

For instance, the Milwaukee Bus Transit System, which is a major source of transportation for the majority of the African American population in Milwaukee, was radically reduced, preventing many low-income citizens from getting out into the industrial park area where small factory jobs were available.

Because this was the only means of economic sustenance, most low-income blacks found themselves employed. Families fell apart. Crime rose.

Scott Walker has refused to pass any meaningful legislation that would bring jobs to the inner city.  In 2010, he refused $810 million to build high-speed rail between Madison and Milwaukee.  This initiative could have created thousands of jobs for the citizens of Milwaukee.

Unfortunately, because the taxpayers would be liable for the bill, the plan was discarded.  This is what Scott Walker thinks of the citizens of Milwaukee, which are 80% African American.

Hope for Milwaukee will Depend upon its Citizens

In order to confront the poverty and oppression in Milwaukee, its citizens must work hard to get Scott Walker out of office and force change.  There must be a sense of urgency and determination among the citizens. This quest for change will take grass root mobilization and protest designed to pass laws that would allow new initiatives and developments which would create jobs.

The issue must be brought to national attention over and over again. The goal is to make Milwaukee a prosperous city again, a city thriving with growing businesses, high employment, and exciting attractions.

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