How Technology has made America a Society of Zombies

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Yes! We have become zombies. The purpose of this article is to warn people about the prevalence of technology and how our obsession with it is transforming us into mere zombies.  Ignoring the profound impact of technology on society is a mistake.  We cannot control what controls us, especially when what controls us has no heart or soul.

Millions of highly devoted technology enthusiasts look forward to the next new gadget with overwhelming anticipation and anxiousness.  However, our obsession with technology is steadily creating an isolated, zombie-like, non-empathetic environment.  People are ignoring their family, friends, and neighbors.  We hardly ever look forward to meeting strangers on the street.

Try approaching someone on the street while they are wearing earplugs and listening to chaotic songs which hypnotize them!  Your feelings might be hurt if you are a sensitive individual.

There must be a balance between engaging the world of technology and finding time to socialize with our family, friends, and neighbors.

Our zombie-like obsession with technology is a result of three reasons

Reason #1 


Our time is spent engaging technology 24/7.  We live on the internet and crave social media.  We thrill ourselves with smartphone, computers, and TVs.  These devices offer us more than we can imagine a constant state of entertainment and curiosity.  For example, we listen to our iPods when we go out into society and come back into our homes.

Reason #2


Our places are filled with a variety of technology, including security systems, automated office equipment, advanced data sharing systems such as Cloud Computing.  Businesses and government continue to invest in new technology in order to outshine the competition and dominate the marketplace.

Each year, workers have to be trained how to operate some new form of technology, costing thousands of dollars.

Reason # 3

Gadget Craze

Everywhere we look we see the technology in operation, especially while walking along the street. People are so absorbed with smartphones, iPods, and notebook computers.  You see them on public transportation, sitting at the table or restaurants, or just walking down the street oblivious to their surroundings.

In the classroom, you find students who should be focused, but they are manipulating their smartphone or listening to their iPods.  They have allies. The legislators have been considering a plan that will allow how school students to use smartphones for homework society.

Unless we, as a society, come to our senses, we will most likely fall prey to the roaring lion of technology.  We will become enslaved to the point where we, as a society, will become so estranged to our neighbors that distrust and fear will skyrocket.

Once we have struck a balance between technology and human hood, we can be thankful that technology has destroyed our natural tendency to be human.  As people, we were created to connect with others in order to love, cherish and celebrate the joy of relationships.

Therefore, we must not allow ourselves to become so obsessed with technology that our natural lives are lost to artificial, zombie-like existence.

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