How to Develop a Reputation for Social Justice

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Developing a reputation for social justice means to stand up against decisions and activities which diminish the value of society. Acts of racism, police brutality and discrimination against gender, color, culture or religion will hinder the growth and freedom of any society and therefore needs to be exposed to public condemnation.

When the acts of injustice and oppression are exposed to public condemnation, the pressure of guilt and embarrassment is increased upon those who practice such deeds in society, especially against others who are different from them regarding race, gender, and religion.

Icons of Social Justice

One of the most iconic symbols of social justice was Martin Luther King Jr., a man who stood up against immense injustice.  He stood strong against a segment of a society dominated by racism and exposed this injustice to the world.

Other movement leaders such as the late Muhammad Ali as well as the now active Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton stood up against acts of inequality, oppression and moral corruption in society. These men aligned themselves with others, both black and white, to disclose acts of injustice. As a result, their reputation for standing up for justice grew and increased toward greatness.

Do you want to stand up for social justice?

If you desire to be successful in developing a reputation for social justice, you will need courage, compassion, and determination. Without courage, you will succumb to fear and intimidation. Without compassion, you will be oblivious to the pain and suffering of others.  Without determination, you will not get past disappointments. Therefore, you will give up on a cause when the odds seem overwhelming.

Where do you begin your quest for social justice?

Look around you. Open your eyes to what is going on in society.  Identify movements that are fighting for the rights of others.  In recent news, the current movement is Black Lives Matter, a grass root organization who is fighting against police brutality.

The movement consists of not only blacks but whites, Latinos, Asians and other cultures and nationalities. The point is that the people within this movement are standing up for the rights of others who deserve to be treated with equal respect and fairness.

To develop a reputation for social justice is to start a movement for some cause in society. It might not be for the Black Lives Matter movement. There are many other causes to stand up for.  Some causes which need attention have been around a long time, such as gender rights, women rights, and animal rights just to name a few.

However, injustices are being perpetrated every day.  If you identify a new cause worth fighting for, you must not hesitate to stand up for it. Stand against whatever odds that may be in your path. This activity is how you separate yourself from the crowd and develop a reputation for social justice.

You can join a current movement just to get the experience of standing up for justice, but to rise to prominence; you must start your movement or take an ownership mentality of the movement in which you are participating.

Tips for Standing Out from the Crowd

Enlist others who are as passionate as you are for a cause. Make yourself known in your community from house to house. Shake hands with neighbors and inform them of the issues that diminish the quality of the community.

Organize a protest or stand in against the injustice.  Make protest signs and make your presence known publically.  If you are protesting and picketing outside, you can use a bullhorn so that everyone in the vicinity can hear about the issue or cause. The goal of standing up for a cause is to bring public condemnation against acts of injustices

You will Transform Society

Initially, you may feel awkward and uncomfortable leading a movement, but you will conquer these feelings of inadequacy the more you storm the doors of injustice and expose the evil inside.  Your compassion for others will keep your courage and determination unmovable.

Becoming a popular leader for social justice will give you a reputation for conquering corruption, accelerate justice and help transform society.


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