How to Survive a Trump Presidency

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A Trump presidency will be characterized by an authoritarian atmosphere of legislative shock and awe. A massive sense of uncertainty will exist. Aggressive policies and snap judgments will be the new normal of a Trump America.

The reasons for the above assumptions are vast. Giving the temperament of newly elected president Donald Trump nothing irrational can be taken off the table.  He will take these issues like a roaring lion:

  • Obama Care-affordable Care Act
  • Immigration
  • Foreign Policies-Iran Deal
  • Roe vs. Wade
  • IS IL situation
  • Same-Sex Marriage

A trump administration may not get rid of these controversy issues and policies with one swipe of a pen, but in the long run,  he will heap significant damage on all the above and more.

No Reservations!

What sets a Trump Administration apart from previous ones is the brutal business mentality in which these laws will be reversed or mortified.  The political red tape that slowed down the process of change will be challenged in Washington.

Business, as usual, will be a thing of the past. New policies will be formed and implemented at a much faster speed than any time in the history of politics.  The speed of change will be the result of a Trump America.  Things will get done quickly.

On the day he is sworn in, (January 20, 2017) will be vitally significant. The first time in history a non-political minded president will be elected into the oval office.  The interest of the entire world will be on this very day.  The most prominent and wide world thought in the minds of people will be “What is Trump going to do next?”

A Harsh Reality of Force

The trump team is designed for massive change in opposition to the ideology and direction of the Democratic Party.  The weakness which the Obama administration displayed regarding issues, particularly in foreign policies, will be converted to a show of strength and uncompromising force on many foreign fronts.

Foreign leaders will stand on the edge and wonder what will happen next.  No of them will really know. But one thing they do know is that the President Donald Trump has surrounded himself with an individual with mentalities of stone.

Transformations & Rebellion

Under a Trump Presidency, things will get transformed. However, the way in which it gets transformed may not be pretty in the sight of most Americans.  Thousands will take to the streets on a constant basis. Trump supports will push back.  Divisions in America will be at an all-time high. Great change always brings great chaos.  The loss of comfort zones and privileges will be at constant stake.

Many will appreciate a Trump presidency.  Making the streets of America safe and secure will be a dream come true, even though the strategies for keeping the environment safe may be quite questionable.  However, welcome to a Trump America!

No Reasons to Bow to Intimidation

The biggest mistake you can make under a Trump Presidency is to allow the fear of what is coming next to overtake you.  Avoid such fear and dread.  You are greater than a Trump America.  You don’t have to bow to intimidation. In fact, when you stand up for what is right in the face of fear, the wings of your greatness spread like an Eagle in flight.

However, if you fear, you will succumb to the intimidation.  You will spend many sleepless nights wondering if you are going to survive the things that are coming to pass.  You will surrender your freedom and happiness to one man and his attempts to change the world.

But if you stay positive, while living in a Trump America, you will be a force and a beacon of hope for others, who are overwhelmed by the potential fear of loss and destructive change that is almost guaranteed to occur.

America Restored to Greatness?

The hope is that under a Trump America, the United State will be restored to the greatness it once held nearly a decade ago when economic growth was at an all-time high and the military was second to none on the world stage.

However, a nation cannot be restored to greatness when it is immensely divided.  Greatness comes about via a unified force of people with a common vision.  Without unification in the American mentality, there will be no restoration to greatness.  Instead, chaos and inner destructiveness will prevail on all fronts.

The only thing that can survive a Trump Presidency is a nation standing and wrapped together in unity and love for all, regardless of race or culture.  Otherwise, doom is near.

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