Retiring too soon: A sharp warning

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Retirement is an opportunity to enjoy your golden years in peace and tranquility. But retirement without a well-thought out plan is a mistake. Many believe that fishing and traveling are the jewels of a life separated from the constraints of a nine to five job. However, to retire thinking only fishing and traveling is going to make you happy is a misconception. In retirement, if not well-planned out, a great many negative conditions can arise, such as poverty, fear, loneliness, and homelessness.

Retirement can result with loneliness and depression. They miss being around co-workers and doing exciting things with the company. They spend their days in an increasingly dissatisfying routine: watching T.V., movies, eating and sleeping. This is no way to spend the rest of your life.

The Problems of Ill-Planned Retirement

The problems for those who haven’t adequately prepared for retirement include boredom, lack of purpose, and lack of connectivity with people, insufficiency in money, accelerated aging as well as illness from lack of activity.


Boredom strikes everybody’s life at various times. It is a state that is an absence of a sense of belonging or meaningful events in life. Human nature craves for acceptance and excitement of events and activity. When something good is occurring and we are a part of it, we feel valuable, not only to ourselves but also to others as well. When we retire, we are not to set back and do nothing. We must still find ways to participate in our society. Therefore, boredom is the unwillingness to do what is necessary to be included in something important.

Lack of Purpose

Lack of Purpose means lack of direction. When many of us retire, we often have in the back of our minds,” This is it.” “I don’t know what I am going to do with myself day after day.” But purpose gives responsibility and meaning to our tomorrows. It is a concept that makes the world goes round. Because of purpose fathers and mothers arise early in the money embrace their children. Because of purpose, sixty-eight-year-old college student achieves her first bachelor’s degree. Because of purpose, a twenty-year-old walks nearly 10 miles to school each day in order to obtain a doctor’s degree.

Lack of Connectivity

Lack of connectivity to people means lack of opportunity for progress. Many people who retire forget about their co-workers and friends they left behind on the job. This is a mistake. When we fall out of touch with our friends and co-workers, we lose our networking ability. Just because we retire doesn’t mean that we should stay inactive and not participate in the betterment of society. Our co-workers may on of some volunteer programs or senior citizens group that are doing interested and life-inspiring things. Because of the feeling of isolation that comes with old age and retirement, we must make it a top priority to maintain a sense of connection with humanity.

Insufficient Income

Many seniors retire without having made sufficient investments. Because of this, they struggle financially day by day, barely making ends meet. In order to pay bills on time, many seniors compromise their diet.  Because of insufficient income, they simply cannot afford the high cost of healthy food.

Medicaid and social security benefits are insufficient to support a quality life. Therefore, in order to have sufficient income stored away, investments options must be highly considered such as the 401k plan, bonds, and if possible, the purchase of gold and silver in case of rising inflation.

Lack of Meaningful Participation in Life

Retirement without a plan for participating in meaningful activities or causes is an effective way to accelerate the aging process. People who set back and do nothing fall into hopelessness and despair as well as other stresses. According to Science Daily, depression and stress destroy vital chromosomes needed for the proper function of white blood cells, thereby maximizing the aging process and opening the door for several other chronic illnesses.

Senior retirees can avoid this trap by instilling purpose into the second part of their lives. Joining elderly clubs, exercising, going for daily walks, reading good books to stimulate the mind, getting a healthy amount of sleep and participating in volunteer activities such as elections and fund raising can go a long way in keeping an elderly person young at heart.

The Bucket List

Making the second part of your life an adventure is an exciting endeavor. Create what everybody calls a bucket list and attempt each activity on the list, not matter how long it takes. The activities you list will provide purpose and inspiration in your life. The longer that bucket list you create, the more growth and meaning you will discover in your retirement. Your golden years of retirement should be the best years of your life. It is a time of being born again. So prepare well.


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