Struggling with Middle Age and Finding A Purpose for Living

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The sustenance of our happiness in middle age revolves around having several strong purposes. Finding a reason for existing depends on the hope we have for something we consider worthwhile in life.  Our dreams, our friends and family members and our children are all worthwhile causes for which to continue living.

Without a strong purpose in our middle age years, it is hard to get out of bed and start our day. As we age, what we have invested in becomes all the more significant to our happiness. The process of aging forces us to look deeply over the course of our past lives.  Whether we feel successful or unsuccessful, the quality of our mentality depends on how many regrets we have accumulated. Our regrets consist of how many opportunities for growth and happiness we let slip away.

For example:

  • Did we miss the opportunity to embrace the right profession?
  • Die we choose the wrong person to marry when we knew we should have married another?
  • Did we ignore the importance of having children when we were younger?
  • Did we miss out on choosing the right friends?

When we look back over our lives and see how much we have taken life for granted, we could find ourselves wrestling with bouts of depression. Many couples who didn’t have children discover how important children can be as middle age settle in.  Time and time again their sense of purpose seems to come and go. Many of these couples regret that their lives were so in the pleasure of the moment that they didn’t take the time out to consider their futures.

You may be in this same situation. You are nearing the middle age years of your life. The purpose for living appears to be slipping away at times.  You are lonely. You have no children. Over the years, friends have either moved away or pass away.  You need to do something to combat depression.

Don’t stand still. Many of us in our latter years have been forced to consider the regrets we have made in life. However, we can only change the things that we can. The only other thing we can do regarding the past is to forgive ourselves and move on.

If our purpose is weak, we must look beyond ourselves and find greater purposes. The more purpose we embrace in the latter years of our lives, the more worthwhile our existence will become.  There are many things we can do. For example, we can

  • Stand up for a Cause
  • Find a life Partner
  • Make some new friends
  • Earn a Certification or degree
  • Adopt a foster child
  • Adopt a pet from a center
  • Travel to Interesting place
  • Help Someone else win
  • Create something significant

Recovering purpose means that you must not set around regretting your life in middle age. You must reinvent your life and make it worthwhile again.

Join a club or program that reaches out to the community to help the poor, the homeless and people who are experiencing emotional or physical pain on a daily basis.

Allow your life to pick up steam. Middle age can be a time when you redeem yourself from the regrets you have made during your life.  Don’t let the past dictate your future. You still have a ton to live for. People are waiting for you right now.  They need your wisdom, your skills and your smiles.

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